Facebook Replaces Humans Who Trended SJW Topics With Algorithms
(Last Updated On: August 27, 2016)

According to various stories going around, it appears as if Facebook is taking action based on a widespread backlash that spawned from a report on Gizmodo about Facebook biases being implemented into the trending section by a team of contractors. The social media giant has supposedly replaced those humans with AI operated algorithms.

According to Quartz, they’re reporting that they’ve claimed from multiple sources that the team who was previously in charge of the trending section of Facebook have been removed. This was confirmed by Facebook with a post on the site indicating that they have indeed fired the human contractors behind the trending manipulation. On the official Facebook site, they report…

“Today, we’re making some changes to the Trending feature on Facebook that will make the product more automated and will no longer require people to write descriptions for trending topics.


“Our goal is to enable Trending for as many people as possible, which would be hard to do if we relied solely on summarizing topics by hand. A more algorithmically driven process allows us to scale Trending to cover more topics and make it available to more people globally over time. This is something we always hoped to do but we are making these changes sooner given the feedback we got from the Facebook community earlier this year.”

The initial report from Gizmodo was that the team leaned heavily to the left when it came to politically motivated stories, opting to force-feed stories that some might consider to be Social Justice Warrior topics, doing so in order to get people to care about the news.

Worse yet is that there were allegations that the team were purposefully removing Conservative news topics that were trending organically, some of which included Donald Trump and other news from sources like Breitbart.

Facebook issued a statement denying the claims that there was any kind of systematic manipulation going on and that all of the trends were organically formulated from user interactions, but they later updated their service notice to inform users that they may promote trends systematically.

According to Quartz, Facebook has continued to deny that humans manipulated the trends, but are putting a group of engineers in position to oversee the operation of the automated AI that will utilize algorithms to promote trends based on user interest. The engineers’ job is to ensure that “mundane” or less-than-interesting topics or keywords don’t flood the trending section.

This is partly in response to a growing backlash from average users who feel as if media lately has been under heavy influence from strong political motivators. Twitter has also come under heavy fire recently for also subjugating users to censorious tactics such as shadowbans and automated filters that remove a lot of topics from feeds of users without their say.

It’s likely imperative that users keep a close eye on Facebook throughout the heated election season as users will likely be championing (for or against) both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump using social media. And given how influential social media is in this day and age, a strong potentiality for manipulation will be ever present.

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  • C G Saturation

    Heyyy, so… an update from Ass Technica (not linking to them because I remember them posting bullshit before):

    Earlier this year, Facebook denied criticisms that its Trending feature
    was surfacing news stories that were biased against conservatives. But
    in an abrupt reversal, the company fired all the human editors for
    Trending on Friday afternoon, replacing them with an algorithm that
    promotes stories based entirely on what Facebook users are talking
    about. Within 72 hours, according to the Washington Post, the top story
    on Trending was about how Fox News icon Megyn Kelly was a pro-Clinton
    “traitor” who had been fired (she wasn’t).”

    All according to keikaku (keikaku means plan).

  • C G Saturation

    Heard about this a few days ago, was lazy to comment here. My immediate thought is that the AI will obviously be designed to censor valid discussion and push agenda. There is no way they will have it to do otherwise.

    Facebook has a long record of manipulating people and violating their privacies, over and over and over. They are extremely untrustworthy. Even the founder is a huge dick with blatant disregard for other people. But hey, people seem to love him and Facebook anyway. Welcome to Earth.

  • scemar

    There’s an informational war going on out there, that’s a fact, one can interpret it or name it in many ways but that’s how I would put it.

    Different groups, with plenty of connections spanning multiple areas have different reasons for picking the sides of certain ideas, and ideas are connected to events or people.

    So they pick sides and are doing what’s within their power to play a part, as often as they can get away with it in a way that doesn’t put them at more risk than they’re willing to take of course.

    Facebook for instance was caught directly manipulating which news people saw, and which they didn’t. All that while pretending and attempting to give the impression that they were unbiased, fair, and had a “user interests” based aggregation. Lies. The biggest push against them came when their manipulation was exposed. And later, Breitbart did some investigation exposing all of the employees in charge of the manipulation, properly exposing them all for their very very visible biases.

    Criticizing the human factor is easier than attacking an algorithm because people have a face and you can see their biases more clearly.
    So time will tell if they’ll also try to manipulate the public with the algorithm or how hard they do it too.

    Here’s another nice example of another tech giant playing a role in politics.

    Many say the sillicon valley war on conservative media is related to the american candidate’s proposals, since one of them would support the expansion of means to acquire or outsource low cost services and workers from outside their country, while the other candidate would actually oppose the current means they have of doing so, and all those tech giants have been involved in controversies related to that subject.

    There are other ideas out there too though.

    But one thing is certain, whatever pretenses sillicon valley had of being “above it” and being a morally superior type, whatever idealism it once had, those days are gone. Today the tech companies are no better than the big tobacco and big oil have been in their worst days. Actively getting involved in manipulation of the public and betraying their trust.

    • C G Saturation

      The sad part is most people don’t realize there’s an information war. They assume the first thing they see is absolute and go so far as to sacrifice their life to defend it. I don’t understand how people can be so dumb. It’s like my childhood fears have solidified into reality.

  • Mr.Towel

    Unless the code of the AI is opensource, it doesn’t really change much, maybe is even worse as they can more sneakily censor a much larger range of information.

  • Alistair

    Sure sure AI is a sneaky way though the backdoor named Censorship like the article asbove had said they did something illegal to a person post.

    Take this very post as example i written it take a AI To tweak it here and there and what have you got?, From a anti-Censorship, anti-SJW Shitlord to being pro-Censorship SJW.

    speaking of AI they use those filters to make your comment less angry by removing certain swear words. “You see we cant have you lot shitlords running amok saying f-Ing here and f-ing there lets us control your angry”

    Its another form of censorship and in the end if they still dont like you they do a Neo-Gaf on you shadow banned then Banned with a parting shot saying like the reason you got banned and “Your a peodo”.

    • C G Saturation

      NeoGAF gives actual reasons for bans? I was banned a decade before I even visited there, and all it said was “bye”. That’s as a real a reason as NeoGAF being a bastion of free speech. Protip: it’s not.