Fallout 4: Here’s How To Find All Scav Mags, Hidden Caps And Nuka Recipes

Bethesda finally dropped the new Nuka-World DLC for wastelanders to scavenge. The theme parked expansion for Fallout 4 adds new weapons, enemies, locations, items and hidden goodies to discover. In this guide, folks on PC, PS4 and Xbox One will be able to find all Scav Mags, Hidden Caps and Nuka Recipe locations.

Thanks to Youtuber Hey Im Starlord, who was moving really quick in finding most of the new content, you will be able to look over four visual guides to obtain all Scav Mags, Hidden Caps and Nuka Recipes.

The first of the four visual guides reveal all the locations where the Scav Mags are situated in Nuka-World. The first is found in Galactic Zone, the second is found on the left-hand side of Nuka-World in a barn with a red crate next to it. The third can be found in the Fun House, the fourth can be found in the Grandchester Mystery Mansion. As for the last Scav Mag, it is located in the Dry Rock Gulch employee-only area. The video below by Hey Im Starlord should help out a lot.

To initiate the quest to find all of the hidden Cappy locations, you will need to talk to Sierra — who is near the Nuka-Arcade building — to start the quest properly. When you see the Cappy imprint just press X on PS4, A on Xbox One or whatever key it is on your PC to record it. All locations for the Cappies can be seen below.

To find all the Park Medallions, you will need to talk to N.I.R.A to receive the quest Precious Medals. This quest-line will have you traveling around all of Nuka-World in search of these special medallions. They are quite easy to miss so you will want to keep your eyes open for them, as seen below.

A grand total of 14 Nuka Recipes are scattered around Nuka-World. This mini-scavenger hunt does not call for wastelanders to strike up a quest, but to search with eyes that are keen. Each of the locations are listed and shown below.

Fallout 4 is out now PC, PS4 and Xbox One. As for the new DLC, Nuka-World, folks can head on over to fallout4.com to find out more.