Final Fantasy XV Season Pass DLC Isn’t Cut Content, Says Square Enix

Whenever a publisher starts peddling prices and packaging for pre-release DLC the first that comes to the mind of most pertinent players of software products is the DLC must have been stripped from the game. Well, even Square Enix seemed to think the same thing because that was one of the things they denied in the press release promoting the season pass DLC for Final fantasy XV.

All Games Delta posted the press release containing Square Enix’s defense of the pre-release news detailing the DLC for the season pass of Final Fantasy XV. They adamantly state…

“The FFXV DLC is not content that has been cut from the main game just to sell to you later. This is really important because we want everyone who buys and plays the FFXV base game to know they are getting the full FFXV experience. The FFXV DLC will add new and unique experiences to the FFXV Universe with each piece of DLC designed to offer something brand new. So I’ll say it again because it’s important – the FFXV DLC is not content that has been cut from the main game!”

The defensive response accompanied details on the pre-order bundles for Final Fantasy XV for both the Xbox One and PS4, along with details on the season pass DLC. You can check out the console pre-order bonuses below.

PS4 Final Fantasy XV Pre-Order Bonus

Xbox Final Fantasy XV Pre-Order Bonus

As for the season pass content… there will be six post-release DLC expansion packs, including a Booster Pack that contains early access to high-tier weapons so you can easily beat the game. Episode Gladio, which lets you play as Gladiolus and discover more of his story. A Holiday Pack, which contains cosmetic items to make the game “even flashier”. Episode Ignis, which lets you play as the brains of the pack. Episode Prompto, which lets you play as the boy toy of the group. And an Expansion Pack, which is vague labeled as “a completely new Final Fantasy XV” experience.

Final Fantasy XV is due out next month for Xbox One and PS4 on September 30th. The press release notes that the season pass – while it’s currently only available when pre-purchased with the digital deluxe edition of the game – will be available at a later date as a separate purchase for those who want to pay for all of the DLC in one go. They offer more details over on the official Final Fantasy XV website.


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