Flat Heroes: Action Arcade Platformer Gets Voted Through Greenlight

Flat Heroes is a fast paced action platformer developed by the indie team at Parallel Circles. The main objective is to hop around the stage as fast as you can, dash into enemies to destroy them, while also dodging enemy projectile fire to stay alive.

Flat Heroes looks and plays out like a classic arcade style platform game, you are nothing more than a square block with the ability to dash in multiple directions, with a simple and fluid control scheme that will allow you to have freedom of movement to navigate your character around to avoid whatever the stages throw at you.

Flat Heroes will have a single player mode, as well as a cooperative mode for 1-4 players to play along with you. Furthermore, you will also be able to compete in deathmatch style verses modes where you will battle your buddies to see who is the strongest and fastest among the Flat Heroes.

The graphics look like a retro arcade game and the stages are simple and focus more on players dodging and dashing more than complex unique levels. Overall though, this simple concept looks like a fun party game to play with friends and family. The developers have mentioned that they also added in an AI so that you don’t have to always play with your friends so that you can still enjoy the other game modes. The development team put together a series of videos that I linked down below, which showcase the different game modes, stages, and cooperative gameplay for Flat Heroes.

Flat Heroes was submitted to Steam Greenlight and has already been accepted by the community to make its way to the Steam store. Right now, the developers say they are filling out the paperwork for Steam and preparing for launch. Flat Heroes will release first as an Early Access game as they gain feedback from their players to add in additional content, game modes, and possibly a level editor (The last is currently just a concept idea and may not make it into the final game).

For more information about Flat Heroes, you can visit the above link and check out the Steam Greenlight page, as well as their official website for further information about the game


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