For Honor Alpha Test Starts September 15th; Weapon Customization Detailed
For Honor
(Last Updated On: August 17, 2016)

For Honor’s producer Stephane Cardin talked up some of the content in the game, including how the three factions have four character classes each and how how each class has its own weapon, giving players a maximum of 12 different classes to learn and master in the game.

During this year’s GamesCom, Ubisoft released a new trailer for For Honor along with an extended video where Cardin explains how the different abilities and factions work as a rock, paper, scissors effect on the battlefield.

At the end of the trailer it reveals that For Honor’s first alpha test will begin on September 15th, next month. You can sign-up for the alpha test right now by visiting the official sign-up page.

Gamers will be able to finally play-test the alternate history sword and shield game featuring Vikings, Knights and Samurai.

Funnily enough, many commenters under the video were asking about Arabian fighters, something that a few gamers suspect Ubisoft will add as post-launch DLC.

As for the game’s combat mechanics and classes, the second video – the one below – covers some of the class specific abilities and how they can be utilized on the battlefield.

Cardin reveals that customization will also play a heavy part in the game. It’s possible to change each of the character classes and their genders, skin color, tattoos and emblems.

They also reveal that each of the weapon classes can also be modified. You can swap out the blade types on the swords or axes that you use, as well as change the handles and the hilts. It’s also possible to alter and change up the armor and armor types for the 12 characters. They don’t show that feature in action in the video but rest assured it’s in the game.

According to Cardin, there are hundreds of different options and variations available for each faction and each class, so players can modify and tweak the characters to their liking. It sounds like For Honor‘s customization mechanic might be where Ubisoft makes the most money from the game by selling DLC customization packs… or at least, one would assume that’s what they would try to monetize most from the game.

They also talk about the Revenge Mode, which may or may not get a lot of love from the community. For players who get overwhelmed in handicap encounters a fury gauge will build up and when it’s full players can activate Revenge Mode and their attacks become unblockable. This only really works when being overwhelmed and is a last ditch effort to change the momentum during a fight against multiple opponents.

You can look for For Honor to launch February 14th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One next year in 2017.

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