Get Even’s GamesCom Trailer Is A Psychological Sci-Fi Mind-Trip
Get Even Game

The Farm 51’s Get Even is an interesting looking game. Yeah, it’s yet another first-person shooter, but it’s done in a way that reminds me a lot of Christopher Nolan’s Memento and the movie Source Code.

Some new footage appeared for the upcoming title at this year’s GamesCom in Cologne, Germany. A near five minute promotional trailer was compiled to give gamers a look at the uneasy atmosphere and the discombobulated protagonist as he attempts to stealth his way through the environment. Check it out below, courtesy of Pressakey.

Everyone in the comment section is saying that the game reminds them a lot of Sega’s Condemned: Criminal Origins. The washed out colors, dark atmosphere and brooding presentation definitely lends itself well to the comparison to the last-gen horror-survival title. However, the sci-fi elements and shoddy memory of the main character opens the game up for some interesting story possibilities.

There’s also a lot of environmental surveying going on, where players can use their mobile phone to check for DNA samples, scour the surrounding area with a GPS-style map, as well as go over other tidbits of information.

Combat is pretty basic, with the point-and-shoot mechanics staying intact like most shooters. We do see some of the more high-tech elements in play, similar to the Denzel Washington movie Deja Vu and a little bit of Quantum Break.

It looks as if the hook for Get Even will be based on the game’s story. The gunplay wasn’t particularly interesting but the environments seem densely packed and look like they could be fun to go through.

The game is expected to arrive next year in the spring for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The psychological thriller seems to have hints of being compatible with VR devices but we’ll likely have to wait for more info to find out if that’s a possibility.

For now you can keep track of the game’s developmental progress by visiting the official website.


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