Halo Waypoint Details Halo 5: Forge For PC And Anvil’s Legacy

According to the official Halo Waypoint site, folks who enjoy Halo 5: Guardians will see the ninth free content released on September 8th, known as Anvil’s Legacy. The site also shines some light on the creation tool, known as the Forge for PC, which will also debut on September 8th. Halo 5: Guardians is out now for Xbox One.

That’s right, the creation capabilities in Halo 5: Forge will go live on September 8th, for PC. Arriving on the same date is Anvil’s Legacy, which brings new maps, weapons, REQs and attachments.

Looking over to the browser, the Anvil’s Legacy content release is set to bring the browser to Forge mode in Halo 5 on Xbox One. This adds a new streamlined way to discover community-created Forge content across custom maps, game modes and Forge Object Groups.

Folks will be able to enjoy a large amount of created content across the Xbox One Forge and PC Forge, regardless of which platform it was created on.

As for new content like arenas and Warzone maps, additional stages like Mercy and Temple will be present on the 8th of September. As for the former, players will be battling on an open map that forces competitive behavior in an arena. The latter reflects a temple in a desert, revolving around the Sanghelios planet yet in a Warzone Assault mode.

The update also contains, as noted above, new weapons and REQs. This allows players to customize weapons to be silent, look different, as well as equip custom armor parts.

If all of the above sounds interesting and like fun, you can read the full rundown by heading on over to the HaloWaypoint site.

However, if you want to see some of the above in action, like the stages Mercy and the Temple, a nice two minute long video shows it all, thanks to Chief Canuck.


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