Hellion’s New Gameplay Video Details Mining And Base Building

Do you like Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen? If so, another space simulation game named Hellion might be something worth checking out. The game is being developed by indie devs Zero Gravity Games, and is currently set to be exclusive for PC.

That’s right, the PC game Hellion is said to be a fusion of survival and space simulation. Mixed with players beating the opposition of deadly environments, the hard vacuum of space, extreme temperatures and deadly radiation, players are also tasked with finding common elements like air and water to survive.

Before jumping any further into the game’s details, I should note that this game first started on Steam Greenlight. I mention this, because it shows that passionate indie devs who actually take gaming and game designh serious can churn out an amazing piece of art if they put their minds to it.

In addition to the indie project, unlike most games that throw in the tags of “MMO” and “Simulation”, this game actually shows in-game footage of other players, MMO support and actual space sim mechanics, which looks pretty impressive based on the latest video trailer showing mining and building stuff.

I should also note that the pre-alpha will not feature space to planets just yet, but the devs do plan on adding ground to space as soon as the game shapes up.

With that all said, the full Newtonian physics-based planetary orbiting game, Hellion, can be seen in action thanks to Zero Gravity Games.

I’m really impressed that this is an indie project that is shaping up nicely. I also like that the devs are also showing in-game progress every so often to keep fans up to date about what’s going on with Hellion.

If this game seems interesting to you, more information can be found on the space MMO Simulator by heading on over to playhellion.com.


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