Here’s How To Get Gold Runs And Find Secrets In N++

Gaining a lot of traction and popularity, N++ is now available for PC via Steam. Currently for PC and PS4, Metanet Software’s game has a few secrets to getting all the gold and finding hidden content, which can be found in this guide.

Before going any deeper into the guide, I just have to say that this game looks like it was made by one person in Maxis and EuroPress’ 1994 program Klik & Play. Meaning that it would fit perfectly on something like Steam Greenlight.

But, I guess graphics and presentation aren’t always a helping factor in some cases, which is clear with N++. However, the game does make up for its simple graphical design with complex gameplay.

This now leads us to difficult stages and secret objectives hidden throughout the game, taking quite a bit of skill to triumph over these tasks or achieve victory.

Additionally, it all comes down to learning traps and their velocity, stages and how fast or slow you should go before attempting a courageous act. This also links into unlocking the secret levels that don’t always appear by getting all gold coins in a stage.

Information regarding these secret conditions and achievements are displayed below, thanks to Aweinstock.

Below is an assortment of videos by Aweinstock, who shows even more secrets and gold runs in N++. I suggest that you open the Playlist button on the side (near the 1/20) to get a better look at what you need to find. Seeing how many gamers walked away from his videos pleased only means that you might find something worthwhile in his videos, too.

N++ is out now, and is for PS4 and PC. Currently the game has a special deal going on that will end on September 1st, which drops the initial price down from $14.99 to $11.99 for PC.

For more information on this game, or if you wish to play it, you can head on over to Steam.


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