Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok Walkthrough
Hitman Episode 4

The fourth episode for Hitman is currently live for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, featuring the target of Jordan Cross, a boyband singer from the group The Class. IO Interactive sees players traveling to the exotic hotel in a map that takes place in Bangkok, Thailand. There’s a complete walkthrough guide available for those who need a bit of help getting things done.

YouTuber MKIceAndFire uploaded a near 50 minute walkthrough of the new episode. You can check out the video walkthrough below.

Ken Morgan is the second target in the episode and must be taken out as well. The mission takes place at a hotel resort and sees players having multiple options and ways to dispatch of the dynamic duo.

The map has a 007: James Bond vibe to it, especially with Agent 47’s dapper attire.

After checking into the hotel, you can follow the busboy up to your room and begin planning how to take out the pop star.

You can use the phone in your hotel room to call up room service to restock the minibar, and then subdue the male and take his clothes as a disguise.

You can head down to the restaurant to listen in on a conversation about drummer Abel de Silva coming in as a replacement for Jordan Cross’ band. You can use the opportunity to eliminate de Silva and take his disguise as a way to get into the recording studio with Cross.

Alternatively you can head toward the bathroom where another wait staff is outside the door, and you can lure them into the bathroom to and subdue him so you can take his clothes. The second stall has a closet where you can dump the body.

Hitman Episode 4

If you do get the wait staff clothes, head upstairs to where de Silva is chatting it up in the lounge and lure him onto the balcony. Subdue him and take his clothes so you can get into the recording studio with Jordan Cross.

You’ll need to play the drums for Cross after you get into the studio with him, and after doing so he’ll take you to the roof. You can either push him off the roof or snap his neck.

From there you can head downstairs to deal with Morgan.

If you follow Morgan around you can learn that Jordan Cross actually did kill his girlfriend and the lawyer is there as a “fixer” to setup Dexy to take the fall if things go south. Only Morgan doesn’t know that Cross is dead.

If you head out to the garden you’ll find that one of the gardeners is attempting to sell the Tik Tuk to Morgan, who wants to buy it. 47 can offer to help the gardener to fix the Tik Tuk by acquiring a wrench. You’ll find the wrench downstairs inside the maintenance area.

After fixing the Tik Tuk, the gardener will alert Morgan about it, you can follow them back to the Tik Tuk where it’s possible to subdue him while you travel back to the entrance area where the Tik Tuk is, or you can wait for him to get back to Tik Tuk. If you use a screwdriver to uncork the gas can by the Tik Tuk, when Morgan starts it up it will catch flame and blow up, or you can strike a leak by th ebike nearby and also use it as a catalyst to create an explosion to kill Morgan. Alternatively, you can hide in the shed and shoot at the gas can until it blows up while Morgan attempts to start up the Tik Tuk to kill him.

From there, you simply have to reach the exit by heading to the entrance of the hotel getting into the boat to exit the mission.


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