IGN Parent Company Bids On Gawker; Jezebel Sought For $10 Million
(Last Updated On: August 17, 2016)

[Update 8/17/2016: Univision has officially purchased Gawker and all of their assets for $135 million]

[Original article:] Kotaku could be joining under the IGN umbrella soon, if the most recent reports about the bidding on Gawker’s assets are to be believed. According to Bloomberg IGN’s parent company, Ziff Davis, along with Univsion are said to be only two major conglomerates bidding on Gawker’s assets.

Previously Ziff Davis had sought to purchase Gawker’s various blogs, including but not limited to Jezebel, Gizmodo and Kotaku, for $90 million. Given the fact that the value of the Gawker brand has likely could decreased from June to August given that some staff departed from their blogs and they’ll likely continue to lose viewers and content during the transition, one has to wonder if Ziff Davis scaled back to a more modest figure compared to their June offer?

According to Advertising Age, Jezebel was picked out amongst the group for $10 million by upstart LittleThings.

According to LittleThings CEO Joe Speiser, the bid for Jezebel came in after the final bids on Monday at 5pm EST. However, Speiser believs that $10 million is $10 million and that Jezebel has been living for too long under the harrowing shadow of the Gawker brand, telling Advertising Age…

“I’d be surprised if it wouldn’t be. $10 million is still $10 million. Until it’s all sold, every bid is in play.”


[…] “Jezebel is a fantastic brand, and I think it’s been living under the shadow of Gawker for too long,”

According to Bloomberg, Gawker wants to sell everything together without splitting up the brands. Part of the bid will also include Gawker founder joining as a consultant with a $200,000 annual salary and a two year non-compete clause, which could keep the mogul from rinsing and repeating the tabloid paradigm for at least two years.

Advertising Age stated that Speiser noticed a lack of interest in Gawker’s assets, with the publication writing…

“LittleThings is only interested in acquiring Jezebel, Mr. Speiser said. But he was surprised by what he deemed a tepid show of interest in Gawker Media’s assets.”

Even though Denton may not want to split up the brands, if the bids from Ziff Davis or Univsion aren’t high enough it’s possible they may just have to bite the bullet and accept liquidating assets piecemeal.

Gamers are biting their nails trying to figure out exactly what’s going to happen with Kotaku and whether it will continue to be a villain in the rogue gallery of video games journalism or if will be brought into a new regime that puts gamers first. Could Kotaku finally be made an ally of #GamerGate instead of an enemy?

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  • Laurence Tite Menthe

    “Could Kotaku finally be made an ally of #GamerGate instead of an enemy?”

    Hi William

    With this quote, are implying that the owner should participate in the editorial and journalist orientation of its publication?

    As far I am concern, as long Totilo is here, nothing will change at Kotaku, mainly because is the guy who promoted or hired the journos who screwed up at Kotaku or elsewhere.

    • Well, some owners do participate in the editorial aspects of content, so it would depend. Some people are saying Univision may have bought up all of Gawker, so we’ll have to see what sort of changes they make (assuming they even keep Kotaku).

  • Alistair

    “could Kotaku finally be made a ally of #GamerGate Instead of an enemy?”

    when hell freeze over or paint dry, as you say in article gawker want to have a say what the brands do.

    Gawker maybe no more but the influence would be still there.

    Let hope Im wrong.

  • C G Saturation

    Shows that lying, bullying and sowing conflict makes your brand worth big bucks.

  • Alistair

    So what does this mean, the same shit but new paint over. The same guys at the helm. Waiting for that paint to dry.

    If IGN parent is the new owner they will make it clear. Just foces on the game-Play. And any going back to the old ways, Wont be welcome.

    We shall see.

    • TT

      Isn’t IGN infested with SJW pandering? If the parent company is buying kotaku, I can’t imagine they’ll change for the better, but who knows I guess.

      • Alistair

        It’s even worse as i read more of the article gawker still want a hold a say a part of the bid as consultant.

        That is rather worrying.

        • TT

          ugh…well, at least we have sites like here, niche, techraptor and such. Haven’t been to IGN in a while, and it’s nice to have an open space to talk here.

  • Hawk Hopper

    Remember when Nick Denton would brag about how much Gawker was worth?

    That was only a year ago. And they aren’t going to be bought for even that much. That’s a huge fall.

    • TT

      And in hindsight, it’s absolutely hilarious.

  • durka durka

    “According to Bloomberg, Gawker wants to sell everything together without splitting up the brands. ”

    We wouldnt want shit to be differentiated from other shit, all shit are equal.


  • Gorgon

    >Jezebel is a fantastic brand

    U wot, m8?

    • It’s kind of obvious what we can expect from LittleThings once they get their hands on Jezebel.