Indie Game Doko Roko Gains New Screenshots Showing Off Development

Last year during November, lone wolf developer Eric Mack managed to get his very interesting project, Doko Roko, through Kickstarter. Going sometime without any updates, the dev finally took to Twitter and the game’s Kickstarter update page to announce Doko Roko‘s progress, and what he has in store for fans.

To be honest I’m really looking forward to Doko Roko, and what it will deliver on release. As of now the dev’s project is shaping up nicely and looks like a fun hack-and-slash tower crawler game. Although there are a million and one games out there that feature randomly generated environments, I have to say that the art-style and fighting mechanics really do make up for that overused feature.

Before jumping into the progress the dev made with the game, you can check out the official trailer for Doko Roko below, courtesy of Eric Mack’s YouTube channel.

I almost thought that the game was a scam, and that the dev took the money and ran to the hills for safety. However, the lone developer explained what was going on during the silent months in an update on Kickstarter:

“I’ve spent the past month and half fleshing out the first area of the game and it’s starting to ALMOST look like what I want. I think I’m on the right track but there’s still a ways to go! I think all the procedural groundwork I did before is finally starting to pay off as it’s pretty easy now to put art in the game and tag it with a location type to give it context”.

He also went on to explain some things about the game’s world, which includes items and AIs. This also includes a quote from the creator of Dark Souls, Hidetaka Miyzaki, and how he seeks to follow his story telling concepts for game design.

 “I still need to work on the enemies NPC’s and Items of the first area, but I feel good about the progress I’ve made and more confident about how these items and enemies will fit into the world I’ve designed! I keep referring to the quote by Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyzaki, “A well designed world could tell its story in silence.” nailing the ambience for this first area is very important to me”.

With that said you can check out both the newly posted screenshots below, which come in by Doko Roko‘s Twitter account.

The second screenshot comes as a bonus gift. It shows off the procedurally generated room, lighting effects and movement.

As of now, the PC game has no release date. However, you can get more information on Doko Roko by heading on over to


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