Indie Game Kingdom: New Lands Is Now Available For PC And Xbox One

2D side-scroller survival games are pretty popular, and it seems that publisher Raw Fury and developer Noio jumped on the 2D survival wagon with their latest project Kingdom: New Lands. As expected, the game contains crafting, surviving and battle mechanics. Kingdom: New Lands is out now for PC and Xbox One.

There’s quite a bit of games out there like Kingdom: New Lands,  like Terraria, Junk Jack and so on. But, if you don’t mind more games entering the vast pool of 2D survival RPGs, then this game might be something worth diving into.

Featuring your basic content like crafting, fighting, scavenging and world building, it follows the footsteps of other previously mentioned games pretty well. The major difference is that folks will be defending their property and forts from shadow-like creatures that roam the land.

The official description sits below, which goes over everything that was notated above. But if you are curios, you can read the description anyways.

“Kingdom: New Lands is about exploration, discovery, survival and that awesome feeling that you get, when you figure something out, on your own. When multiple pieces all of a sudden come together to form a whole – a basis for a new strategy or an understanding how something in the world of Kingdom: New Lands truly works.”


“It is about tenacity and overcoming obstacles – even when they seem to be unsurmountable. Pulling through, against all odds. Rebuilding and recovering. And that huge internal high-five when you succeed.”

Most of the trailer for this game revolves around mount riding, but it also shows other functions in the game like building, fending off dangerous creatures and exploring different environments. You can check the launch trailer out thanks to Raw Fury Games‘ channel.

Kingdom: New Lands is out now for PC via Steam, which holds a rating of “Positive”, and is currently running for $14.99 as of this writing. The game is also available for Xbox One, which you can learn more about this title by hitting up


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