Motorsport Manager Dev Video Covers Tech, Parts And Track Layouts

Sega released a new video for the upcoming Motorsport Manager, which features a look at some of the design mechanics behind the upcoming racer as well as the technology that powers the machines that will tear up the tracks in the game.

Mike Fryatt, Motorsport Manager community manager, talks gamers through 12 minutes of video footage that covers what sort of options and features players will have at their disposal in the game.

For instance, it’s possible to change the rim and tire sizes for your team car(s), as well as vote on different tracks that will be used throughout the championship season. Just because you vote for or against a track doesn’t mean that it’s going to appear or fallout of the track rotation because the vote will be weighed against other votes from other team managers, so it will require a bit of politicking to get the kind of track line-up that benefits your team and your cars.

Another cool thing they mention is that there are different layouts for the tracks so you can vote on those layouts depending on how you outfit and prepare your team.

You can also modify the parts on a car before each race, tweaking the brakes, the wheels, the chassis, the transmission and the wings, just to name a few.

Within the manager, it’s possible to see what the next couple of tracks will be and what their weather conditions and themes will be, so you can make the necessary pre-race changes as needed before sending your team out onto the track.

You’ll also need to build your parts for the car ahead of time, so timing and foresight will play a significant part in planning out the success for the team.

As mentioned in the video, you’ll have to take into consideration the costs and times to build various parts for the car, and plan accordingly.

Motorsport Manager is due out for PC, Linux and Mac. You can learn more about the game by visiting the official website.


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