My Summer Car – Detailed Car Simulator comes To Steam Greenlight

Fix your car, drink some beer, get drunk, drive your car, crash your car, rinse and repeat. My Summer Car is an extremely detailed car simulation game developed by Amistech Games.

The cool part about My Summer Car is the amount of thought the developer put into this game, not just for the car driving simulation part, but also the mechanic aspect of building the car, using a variety of different tools, repairing the car, buying new parts and supplies, and then putting it all together so that you will literally build your own car from the ground up from scratch.

My Summer Car is probably one of the most detailed car building simulation games created because of all the different little elements it has to make it what it is. The developer released a new Steam Greenlight trailer showcasing a bit of what My Summer Car has to offer, so take a look at the video I linked below.

Furthermore, you will need to buy groceries as well to stay alive and take care of your own health. The game also features permanent death, so if you crash your car and get wasted, you stay dead and lose all of your progress. Don’t drink and drive kids!

My Summer Car takes place in the 1990s in Finland, where you spend your summer fixing up your raggedy old car. The developers say that your project car isn’t the only car you will be able to drive and you will also be able to operate other vehicles, such as a tractor and a van so that you can buy supplies to fix up your car or tow it back home when it crashes.

This is a pretty serious car simulator, so you will also be able to use racing wheels and foot pedals (such as the Logitech G27) to drive the car to really get that realistic car driving experience, to travel across dozens of kilometers of different roads to explore the Finnish countryside.

If you are interested in watching a more thorough video that is close to an hour long that really goes in detail about all the features My Summer Car has to offer, you can watch the second video down below.

The price for My Summer Car isn’t set just yet, but the developer has submitted the game to Steam Greenlight, so if you are interested in hardcore car simulation games, you can follow the provided link to learn more. Additionally, you can also visit the official My Summer Car website for further details about the game.


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