New No Man’s Sky Video Shows How To Repair Starter Ship And Find Resources

Unlike the other post we did containing No Man’s Sky footage, this new gameplay video comes in from Jackfrags and won’t be taken down. So in other words, it’s legit footage. With that said, he shows us how to complete the first segment of  the game by getting your ship back up, along with mining resources and jumping into space. Hello Games’ latest project, No Man’s Sky, is out today on PS4, and on August 12th for PC.

Jackfrags’ newest gameplay video showing No Man’s Sky in action covers quite a bit of interesting stuff. If you are like me and want to see more of the game besides small snippets of resource gathering, or small clips of space exploration, you might want to check out the video below.

Before jumping into the video, I’m sure those who watch videos regularly of the game will know everything that’s about to take place in the video below — seeing how it starts from the beginning of the game. However, it kinda plays out like a nice video guide showing every part that’s necessary to get back into space.

Furthermore, the resources that one must find are around the crash site according to Jackfrags’ video. I don’t know if this will change on the PC version when it comes out, or if the starter planet will randomize the ship’s resources around that area on each playthrough? However it goes, his video stands as a nice guide to getting the starter ship back up, which comes in courtesy of his YouTube Channel.

As seen above, he had to repair his Pulse Engines, and Launch Thruster. The former required 200 Heridium, two Carite Sheets, and 20 Zinc. As for the latter (Launch Thruster), he only needed four Carite Sheets, which are pretty simple to find. All of these materials are around the starter planet, and aren’t too far from the broken ship.

No Man’s Sky is set to come out on August 9th for PS4 today, and will launch on August 12th for PC. To learn more about the game you can head on over to Steam, or


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