NiOh’s Beta Demo Is Now Available To Download For PS4

NiOh’s beta demo is out now for PS4, and comes in as a 6GB download. As of now, the PlayStation Store has the beta demo up for Europe and Asia, and should be available for North America soon. Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s NiOh beta is set to run from August 23rd to September 6th.

One of the many games that I’m really looking forward to is NiOh. If you are like me and enjoy Dark Souls-like games, then I think getting this newly posted beta demo for NiOh will be a wise decision, seeing how it comes in as a free 6GB download.

The beta, however, can only be played online and must be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. I should also note that fans in the U.S. should see the beta demo go up sometime soon, if it hasn’t already, which is currently available for fans in Asia and in Europe.

Those wondering the difference between the recently posted beta from the alpha build will find a bevy amount of changes. Although both the alpha and beta provide the opportunity to earn the DLCs the Conqueror and the Mark of the Strong, the two feature some significant differences.

Additionally, the beta no longer features weapon durability, includes a hard lock-on system like in Dark Souls, and sports new UI changes. Joining the new content includes different weapons, and a training room for newcomers.

Those looking for some gameplay footage of NiOh‘s Beta demo will be able to see some in action thanks to YouTuber Shirrako. The video runs for four hours and contains lots of spoilers. You can check out the gameplay video below.

As noted above, NiOh’s 6GB beta is out now via the PlayStation Store, which is set to end on September 6th. As for the initial release, the game is set to drop sometime this year for PS4.