No Man’s Sky Mods Are Now Available To Download For PC

Sick of the problems on PC with No Man’s Sky? Do you want other types of content in the game? Well, if you answered ‘yes’ to both and still want more, there’s some good news for you. PC modders took to modding tools and published for PC gamers an array of mods to download, which also come with a tutorial on how to get mods up and going. These new mods are available for Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, which is out now for PS4 and PC.

Let’s face it, mods for games are a wonderful thing to grace many classics and newer gaming titles because they help spice up the norm and add things that usually wouldn’t make it into your favorite games.

Experiencing modded games myself throughout the years really can change up some places you’ve visited over and over again by adding something fresh and new to the experience.

With that said, the mods for No Man’s Sky are now up for PC players, although they are not up in full force right now, there are some to peruse through.

Before providing the link to this special site, there is a tutorial showing how to get mods. More information can be found at The video runs for 11 minutes and covers the basics of PSARC extractor, thanks to _Atari_.

You will be able to find all the mods compatible for No Man’s Sky by hitting up The site holds some popular mods like Mrantifun’s 15+ trainer, or better resolution mods like Chipmunk’s Internal Resolution Multiplayer (PAK) that can bolster scaling from 0.25X to 3.00X, with resolution output to 800×600 to 5120×2160.

Before signing out, if psarc-decopile doesn’t work, you can try another file manager named Total Commander. You can learn more about the file manager by going to

Currently, No Man’s Sky is out now for PS4 and PC.


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