Nocturnal Hunt, Stealth Adventure Wolf Game Comes To Greenlight

Nocturnal Hunt is a new indie game developed by a small team in Berlin that goes by the name of the Wolf Pack team.

Nocturnal Hunt is an interesting concept and follows similar gameplay mechanics as games like Far cry Instincts, but instead of playing a monster or some type of deformed mutated human with special abilities, you instead play as a wolf with its natural abilities to sniff out its prey, track footprints and hunt victims to protect and rescue its baby wolf cub from the deadly human hunters that are about to sacrifice it for their cult.

Is the baby wolf still alive? has it already been killed? Will you be able to save the poor little cub before its too late?

The developers released a story trailer for Nocturnal Hunt to give you a glimpse of what the game is like, so take a look at the video that I linked down below.

You will need to use your abilities, stealth and cunning skills to navigate the environment, sneak up on your prey, and go in for the killing blow before they detect or see you. Be careful though, because out in the wild it is kill or be killed, and you will be greatly outnumbered.

So far, not much else is really known about Nocturnal Hunt, so I´m not sure if it all takes place in one environment, several different stages or if there will be any more enemy types, but the developers have a second video that they uploaded that showcases a little bit of what the actual game is like, and I must say, it looks pretty cool so far. Check out the second gameplay teaser video down below.

Nocturnal Hunt is currently on Steam Greenlight awaiting the approval from the community to move forward with its release. The game is currently scheduled for a 2016 fourth quarter release. For additional information about the game you can visit their official website at


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