Panzer Waltz, Metal Maiden Tank Game Hits iOS On August 22nd

The fan-service heavy tank-strategy game featuring an all-female cast of World War II tanks represented in the form of beautiful anime girls will be launching for iPhones and iPads on August 22nd.

Developer Happy Universe proudly announced that Panzer Waltz would be making the leap to Apple’s mobile devices in two week’s time.

Martin Ma, the CEO of Happy Universe, commented in the press release about the news, stating…

“iOS gamers across East Asia joined our gorgeous animated tank wars by the millions,” “Whether you are a fan of anime, strategy games, RPGs, competitive gameplay, deep customization or epic battles, Panzer Waltz has something for you.”

They accompanied the news with a new launch trailer for iOS devices, which is only 30 seconds long but just enough to tease you with a taste of the metal maidens being customized for battle against the enemy.

It’s pretty cool because it’s all about building up a fleet of tanks (which happen to be young, pretty girls) and customizing them for battle. This means that after winning you’ll need to outfit your maidens with better quality armor, higher grade artillery, and fast-shooting machine guns.

The game mixes in a lovely, inviting art-style with deep, strategic combat.

Players will have to craft new items, get blueprints for better gear, micromanage resources and eventually take to the field to fight.

Panzer Waltz received a little bit of fanfare around these parts as Happy Universe was prepping for release of the game on Android devices here in the West, so I can imagine some iOS owners being excited to finally get their hands on the game. You can learn more by visiting the official website or you can look to download the game off the iTunes App Store starting August 22nd. Additionally, you can help support the game to make its way onto the Steam store by upvoting and favoriting it over on Steam Greenlight.


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