Playdead’s Inside PS4 Trophies Are Now Live, 14 Trophies In Total

Playdead’s black and white puzzle game, Inside, released a month ago for PC and Xbox One. Rocking a similar atmosphere as the game Limbo, Inside not only boasts puzzles but platforming, too. This now brings us to the newly showcased trophies for PS4, which usually indicates a game’s release for said system.

It’s worth noting that not every game goes live when their trophies are posted up to sites like Exophase, or PSNProfiles. Looking over to Q-Games and SIE Japan Studio’s work, The Tomorrow Children’s trophies are live but the game hasn’t come out yet. With that said, don’t get your hopes up too high, but at the same time if the game does come out it shouldn’t come in as a surprise now that the trophies are up.

Furthermore, the game is a platform puzzler, which takes on a very similar look as the devs’ previous project Limbo. If Exophase and PSNProfiles hold up to their past trophy listings with that particular game releasing around the same time as the trophies, then PS4 folks will be able to enjoy Playdead’s Inside soon.

However, if you are curious what type of trophies are in the game, there are a total of 14 trophies, with 13 being bronze and one being gold. Thanks to the two sites, you can check out all of the trophies below.

Bronze Trophies

  • Murky Waters: Something’s not right down here
  • Field Research: Unearthing secrets
  • Wee wee wee: They never made it to market
  • Left Behind: Safe falling and hard landings
  • Obscure Foundations: Lies beneath the city
  • Friends in low Places: Dislodging derelict in the depths
  • A Tableau: Skipping stones at the beach
  • Pack Mentality: Pull together
  • Respite: Dive back in
  • Unfathomable: Take a deep breath
  • Clockworks: Shadows at noon
  • Room for Reflection: Hanging up
  • Office Space: Do an elevator pitch.

Gold Trophy

  • The Last One: It comes together.

For more information regarding the trophies for this game you can either hit up Exophase, or PSNProfiles.


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