Pokemon Go Banned In Iran Over Security Concerns

Niantic Labs’ Pokemon Go has had a strange time on the market. Some territories have given the developers a tough time when it comes to releasing it in certain regions…. such as Iran.

According to BBC, the Iranian High Council of Virtual Spaces have ruled that “security concerns” are the reason why the game will not be sold in the region. BBC notes that they don’t have any further info on whether or not the “security concerns” relate to anything specific, but that’s all they have to go on for now.

China had previously been in the news for some of its media claiming that Pokemon Go was designed to infiltrate and overturn their security, as reported by the Japan Times. Funnily enough, Taiwan – a country with some tense ties with China – did manage to get Pokemon Go and the game is up and live to play over in the region right now, according to the China Post.

Niantic Labs has been focused on trying to get the game up and running in as many territories as possible. They’ve had hit-and-miss success with some places, while others have been very welcoming of the game.

Pokemon Go has been a phenomenon and a tour de force across the globe. It’s been making Niantic, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company money hand over foot.

It’s not much of a real game in my eyes, but if people are getting up, getting out, exercising and walking with friends and family, then there’s nothing wrong with that. If a video game like Pokemon Go can bring more people together then that sure beats journalists creating social movements to divide people using a bunch of buzzwords and “isms” to create unnecessary labels and tumult.

Of course, you won’t be meeting new people or making friends by playing any official versions of Pokemon Go in Iran.


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