Pokemon Go Is Playable In GTA 5 Thanks To New Mod

If you can’t pull yourself off the couch to go outside and play Pokemon Go, there’s a cheaper, less stressful alternative: Grand Theft Auto V.

Modder LudicrousBeach posted up the Pokemon Go GTA Edition 1.00 mod over on the GTA5-Mods.com website. It’s still very early in development and has plenty of bugs, but it’s also quite playable and turns the city of Los Santos into a Pokemon playground where you can run around throwing Poke balls and capturing various Pokemon specimen.

There’s a video of the mod in action that you can check out courtesy of LudicrousBeach, which gives you a rough idea of what the gameplay will be like with a coating of Pokemon Go slapped over GTA V.

So far you’re able to open your inventory, view the Pokemon you’ve captured, call some of them out to travel with you by your side, throw Pokeballs and capture wild Pokemon, head to Pokestops, and generally run around pretending as if you avatar is getting exercise.

There’s an actual XP leveling system, along with an auto-save function that is active every five minutes. Once you boot the game up with the mod activated, it’ll automatically load your latest save.

You can refill Pokeballs at the Pokestops, as well as purchase three types of eggs. You can hatch the eggs by running a certain amount of km, including 10km for the higher level eggs.

There’s a very detailed article about everything included in the early version of this mod by Ludicrous Beach over on the Next Gen Update website.

If you simply want to download the mod and you need the instructions to do so, feel free to hit up the GTA5-Mods.com website. The mod is free to download and if you have a working copy of GTA V you’ll be able to get it with no problems.

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