Pokemon Go PokeGlove Keeps Your Phone Charged With Team Colors

A small company has created a new device called the PokeGlove. It’s designed to not only allow the wearer to brandish the team colors of red, yellow or blue, but it also carries an external battery pack that allows you to keep your iPhone or Android charged while you’re out and about.

The PokeGlove website recently went live to give Pokemon Go players an opportunity to keep their game alive even when they’re nowhere near an outlet.

As mentioned on the website…

“The Pokeglove features a little pocket that holds a power pack to extend the life of your phone twice as long. Nobody wants to walk back home from a restless 20-mile hunt seeing the sad little window alerting you that you only have 10% battery power. Now you can wander further when trying to hatch that egg.”

The battery pack slips into the backhand side of the glove. You can then plug the cable into the battery and plug the phone into the cable. From there you’re all set to go. The battery pack holds a 3000MAH charge, so you’ll have plenty of time to play the game if your phone’s charge runs out.

There’s a slot in the battery pack for both the iPhone and the Android. So whether you’re rocking the open-source platform from Google or taking a walk through the walled garden of Apple, you’re covered.

The gloves also play a second role in their functionality: team association.

One of the things that a lot of players want out of Pokemon Go is the ability to team up with friends and battle against rival teams. While the team battles aren’t implemented yet (although Niantic Labs have mentioned in the past that it’s something they want to add to the game down the line) it is possible to sort of identity your allegiance in Pokemon Go with the gloves. There’s also the possibility to buying color-coordinated hates and shirts, but I suppose the PokeGlove works just as well.

Now comes time for the price. $29.99 is what you’ll have to pay whether you get the glove in small, medium or large. It comes with the battery pack and has the option of coming in red, blue or yellow.

You can learn more by visiting the official PokeGlove website.


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