Queen’s Crown, Otome-Style Visual Novel Smashes Through Kickstarter Goal
(Last Updated On: August 31, 2016)

Afterthought Studios certainly didn’t make Queen’s Crown an afterthought. The Otome-style visual novel featuring a queen thrust into a position of power after her brother’s untimely death, all while trying to seek a proper suitor for marriage, has been quite popular in the visual novel community. The game has already more than doubled its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter, blazing to new heights thanks to the added efforts from the Steam Greenlight community.

For some games doubling up the Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns can work against them… the developers may not have time to answer questions on Greenlight, resulting in a lack of interest and low engagement from users, thus in turn dragging down the momentum of the crowdfunding campaign. Other times they may focus too much on trying to get Greenlit but fail to foster the promotion of the Kickstarter campaign, and they sometimes end up failing to secure enough funds to develop the project. Well, in the case of Queen’s Crown, the developers managed to find the perfect balance of promotion for both the Kickstarter and the Greenlight campaign, bringing in $9,100 as of the writing of this article with a goal of only $4,000.

The Kickstarter still has 12 days to go, just a little under two weeks. So there’s still time to see the project grow even further if that’s what Afterthought Studios has in mind.

The Greenlight denizens actually seem to like the project, as it sees players attempting to get to know three potential suitors while dealing with an ongoing war. The crazy part about it? One of the suitors is the person you’re waging war against.

You can see what the Kickstarter pitch video is like to get an idea of what the art-style and characters designs are like in Queen’s Crown.

While the game may have already managed to surpass its goal, Afterthought figured they could continue to raise funds by luring gamers in with a playable demo of Queen’s Crown. So if you’re interested in playing the visual novel for yourself, you can do so by grabbing the demo from over on Itch.io.

If you feel this is a visual novel you would play on Steam, you can give it an upvote over on Steam Greenlight. If you feel this is something you would like to see come to fruition and you want to take the money out of your wallet and throw it at the screen, you can do that as well by visiting the Kickstarter page.

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  • Alistair

    Billy are you there have you hear, about the dev making boy gun?

    • Whoa what? You gotta a link?

      • Alistair

        It wasnt boy gun it was guy gun and here the link.


        Some females dev thinking of doing it and why not. It a swell idea.

        • Ahahaha… cool. I’ll add that to the news queue.

          • Alistair

            Make sure its not fake but it should be fine or silliconera and devs got alot of explaining to do. lol.

            I wish them well pulling it of. 🙂

          • Had the misfortune to look at the comments section on that page, dear lord that Mod is such a biased white knight / mangina who is clearly blissfully unaware of how modern feminism operates in the West. Either that or he’s just intellectually dishonest.

            Perhaps what did irk me a bit is the fact that he indirectly defends the hypocrisy and double-standards of SJWs/feminists, and also trying to deflect SJWs from the blame.

            When I was there months ago I did have a feeling that some of the Mods were turning slightly funny towards anyone who dared mentioned the SJWs, and this pretty much all but confirms it

  • I haven’t properly looked into this game yet, but from the sounds of it, isn’t it basically a “role-reversal” whereby this time instead of a King choosing a beautiful wife, it’s now a Queen choosing her prince?

    SJWs are always whining about how only games cater only to “straight males” and how these kind of games are “sexist” (when it’s a guy that gets to choose a selection of hot waifus, treating them like sex objects), so surely this one caters to women and feminists.

    You would think that this game (as well as the other VN with the male prostitutes) would show their hypocrisy and shut them up for good. One can dream I guess.

    • Alistair

      Yup you can only guess that they indeed clam up, like i said i want more of them useing kickstarter and greenlight.

      Once the flood of these games, there wont be any more dam excuse from them.

      Let them worry for once would this game get censored if it uses fanservice for women too.

      There was suppose to be boy gun from devs who made gal gun. Is that not gonna happen now?

      • “Once the flood of these games, there wont be any more dam excuse from them.”

        Yes there will be, because they’re hypocrites. They’ll only lose the “quality-ratio” excuse.

        If these games does flood (I personally hope they don’t, because I’m a bastard lol) they’ll just switch to the “sexism” and “misogyny” cards.

        “this game get censored if it uses fanservice for women too.”

        Absolutely no chance.

        For a start, there won’t be any complaints from them about it, which means NO pressure towards the developers or ratings boards.

        They will NOT be calling for male characters to be covered up, and NOR will they demand that they be non-sexualized.

        I do however, believe that any of the obvious and major nudity (such as showing penis, etc.) will be censored. Just like breast nipples, vagina and anuses are for females. But that’s standard practice.

        And you do realize that SJWs only have a problem with female character fan-service that is geared towards males right? They don’t have any problems when it’s other way around.

        I think you’re bit too soft on the SJWs there Alistair

        • Alistair

          Oh god i hope not going soft on them, their dont give me any favors so why should i give favors back to them.

          And yes you right try to please them, wont do sqat they definitely move on to next target.

          But man nipples are okay to show right, girls love that shit but cant show a woman nipple, we wont hear the end of it.

          So its a stalemate then no side bunching.

          • That’s right. If you please them, they’ll still complain no matter what. Always remember that their goal is to eradicate material that straight males enjoy.

    • C G Saturation

      There’ve always been a ton of games that cater to other crowds, but they often get ignored, particularly because the mainstream media tends to focus only on stuff that appeals to larger crowds, or stuff that big money gives them goodies to promote for. So they are essentially blaming us for a situation they created. As expected.

  • Alistair

    Well at last there a game to carter the other bunch of crowd that dont like our kind of games.

    You see SJWs everything is possible though kickstarter and greenlight congrats.

    But wait hang on why Im bringing the regression left again because they often said there lack of diversity in games always for strigaht white males.

    Do you think man on man games suited for those crowd then apparently yuri on yuri doesn’t favor well to regression left so now we even.

    Everything is possible, so stay the fuck out of my hobby regression lefties.

    • SJWs could not care less about enjoying video games. Their main priority and concern will always be to stick it to the straight male patriarchy gamers.

      Queen’s Crown basically allows them to take revenge, the “see how men feel being a husbandu sex object” card.

      I have no problems with people buying and enjoying this game, it’s the hypocrisy and double-standards from SJWs/feminists that needs to die in a fire.