Redout Gamescom Trailer Reveals September 2nd Launch Date For PC

If you have been following the racing game Redout, which comes from publisher and developer 34BigThings, there’s good news for you, the game is set to come out next week for PC. The F-Zero and Rollcage inspired game is also planned to hit PS4 and Xbox One sometime early next year.

Running on the Unreal Engine 4, Redout seeks to bring back 1990’s fast-paced brutal racing. This is evident in the game’s official description that proudly admits taking inspiration from games like WipeOut, Rollcage F-Zero and POD:

“Redout is a tribute to the old racing monsters such as F-Zero, WipeOut, Rollcage, and POD. It is designed to be an uncompromising, fast, tough and satisfying driving experience, soaked in that vertigo that stands at the core of the arcade racing genre.”

Redout’s main focus is for players to race fast. Like any other racing game, this includes unique locations that span across a variety of stages to participate in like dirty urban environments to frozen landscapes, among many others.

Speaking of stages and going fast, players will be in control of nuclear-powered ships that hover above the ground going faster than a bullet. The physics of these ships will be tested on tracks with hairpin turns, devastating loops and massive jumps.

If you are looking for some depth in this game besides joy riding for fun, an extensive career mode will challenge you to rise in ranks and compete against skilled AI drivers. After completing specific race challenges, you will gradually unlock the six different racing teams, the nine game modes and 25 circuits.

Taking it back old-school, the game will also feature split-screen support on PC, as well as online multiplayer so that you can race against others around the world.

Redout will be available for PC on September 2nd via Steam. As for console variants, 34BigThings confirmed to a fan on YouTube that they are set to drop sometime early next year. Before signing out, you can check out the Gamescom launch trailer, courtesy of the team’s YouTube channel.


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