Resident Evil 7 GamesCom Trailer Sees A Character Hiding From An Evil Lady
Resident Evil 7
(Last Updated On: August 18, 2016)

Capcom revealed a new trailer for Resident Evil 7, revealing some new gameplay and some of the visuals for the upcoming title. Trailer follows one of the playable characters in the game, as they attempt to run and hide from an old lady with a lantern.

There’s a collection of segmented sequences, each of which involve the character attempting to get away from the slow moving lady, all to no avail. You can check out the clip below courtesy of Eurogamer.

The reception to the trailer hasn’t been the best. There are some people a bit annoyed that it seems more like Outlast than Resident Evil.

The biggest complaint is that it’s in first-person and that it doesn’t really feel like Resident Evil anymore. Coupled with the fact that fighting against the enemies will be limited compared to previous games, I don’t know if Capcom’s massive divergence from the formula will be received quite so well when January 24th rolls around and the game launches for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and the PlayStation VR.

Some gamers have suggested that maybe they should have kept it in third-person instead of going all-in on first-person. Part of that makes sense because now Resident Evil will be competing to maintain its identity amongst games like Outlast 2, which is looking phenomenal by the way.

While combat may be more limited this time around, hopefully it’s not completely taken away. It would be cool if players could just pick things up and use them as weapons, a little like in Penumbra or Amnesia. When you have no way of properly fighting back it can become a bit tedious because it feels like the fear factors are more manufactured as opposed to being in result of the dire situation your choices put you in. If you neglected to pick up a crowbar or something then that’s on you, as opposed to just being forced to have no weapon at all.

We’ll likely have to wait to see what sort of combat will be implemented in Resident Evil 7. So far it looks like it’s playing catch-up to P.T. and Outlast, though. Hopefully we’ll get to see more at this year’s Tokyo Game Show in September.

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  • Bitterbear

    Not even Frictional Games makes walking simulators this boring.

  • LurkerJK

    1996, you almost became a Jill sandwitch and finally ended things shooting rockets at a giant mutated humanoid monster created through prolonged exposure to the t-virus

    1998 You joined pretty boy Leon in his quest to shoot everything and met “obvious spy Ada who is obvious” who is totally not a spy, you saved humanity by making a train explode (with the self destruct mechanism, doesnt everything have one of those?) with the large agglomeration of flesh and teeth that was following inside

    1999 You ran around aimlessly while a gigantic mutated monster followed you around screaming about the stars or something

    2005 You joined pretty boy Leon now turned into secret agent action hero “I met the president, you know” Leon as he punched, kicked, shot, blew up and suplexed his all the way though Spain fighting Napoleon, Rasputin and Rambo, you save humanity by rocketing a priest transformed into a spider with a huge eyeballs and a nutsack

    2009 You punched a boulder so hard you broke the matrix and caused FULL GLOBAL SATURATION

    2012 You followed 4 groups of ppl in the most explosive, expensive and boring action movie ever sold as a videogame, you also shot zombie president, kicked, shot, punched and suplexed half the zombie population in the universe

    2017 You hid from a slow moving old woman with a lamp