Sandbox Steampunk MMORPG Steam Hammer Comes To Steam Greenlight

Developers SF Team have been working on a steampunk MMORPG that takes place in a massive sandbox open world. This new tech has been designed for their new online game, Steam Hammer.

Steam Hammer reminds me a bit of of the old MMORPG Allods Online, since it has a very similar concept. You train up your character, you mine for resources, you then use those resources to craft items, equipment and war machines.

However, the mining in Steam Hammer is a bit different from other games because the developers say that you will be able to completely terraform the world to dig trenches, caves, and other complex landscapes to transform the world in various ways. I’m not sure how much control you will have over this, but the below gameplay trailer video does give us a pretty good look at a few of the features that Steam Hammer has to offer.

As you can see, you will be able to craft a large variety of content, including building up your own city. The developers also say that you will be able to build Steam motorcycles, military airships, and more. Majority of the description on Steam Greenlight is in Russian, however the official website has almost all of the same text translated in English. So based on the description, it sounds like you can also forge a type of Steampunk cyber body armor, as well as something called the flying Leviathan.

The airships will have guns that you can man with an actual crew, and you can fly and pilot your ship while actually standing on it, so it isn’t the type of game where it will zoom out and you move a tiny little airship around in third person on the world map.

Based on what was shown in the trailer, I suppose we could compare the airship flying mechanics to games like Guns Of Icarus Online, but we will have to wait and see more to determine how detailed all of the airship mechanics really are. Last but not least, the developers say that there will be PVP battles with up to 64 players that will feature a non-targeting combat system, with an open class system with various skills for you to choose from to customize your character.

Steam Hammer is currently on Steam Greenlight looking for votes to be accepted to become an official Steam game and is currently looking for a 2016 release date to start Alpha testing. If you would like to learn more, you can also visit their official website for further details and information about the game.


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