Savage Resurrection Launches The Revival Of Classic Multiplayer Combat
Savage Resurrection

S2 Games recently released Savae Resurrection on PC. The first or third-person multiplayer title is a revived, resurrected version of the original that helped put large scale PvP on the map so many years ago.

The game is available for a fixed price of $19.99, but during its first week on Steam you can get it for 25% off for only $14.99.

So what is Savage Resurrection? Well, it’s a 16-vs-16 PvP game featuring real-time strategy management and and action-oriented combat. If you enjoy games like Heroes & Generals, which allow you to pop into and out of battle while also managing the chaos from a bird’s eye view, then you might very well enjoy what S2 Games has in store with this next-gen iteration of their classic PvP title.

The game sees you being able to play with friends and battle rivals to acquire resources while partaking in fast-paced combat you might expect from games like Chivalry or War of the Roses.

It’s cool because if you don’t have any friends you can still play the game against AI bots, something that took almost year for EA and DICE to implement into Star Wars: Battlefront.

You’ll be able to research and upgrade new weapons and equipment, make use of siege devices and long-range artillery, as well as battle across five different maps.

And also unlike a lot of other AAA games, there is the option to play on player-hosted dedicated servers with server administration control. Custom matches, local area network play and officially hosted dedicated servers also help round out the list.

To further help with the customization and personalization of the gameplay, there are cosmetic items to help give your characters a bit of a unique identity, along with Steam drops and trading cards with special items and backgrounds to unlock.

There’s also a special digital deluxe edition available for $29.99, which includes three additional gold weapon skins, three cosmetic crate keys, a unique in-game vanity effect, the original soundtrack, a special icon flair for your account, along with a specialized taunt and a taunt image.

According tot he developers, the server hosting and maintenance is paid for mostly by the sales from cosmetic items in the cash shop. They do not sell paid upgrades or in-game boosts that alter or affect the in-game play. No pay-to-win gimmicks here.

If you want to learn more or pick up a copy of the game for yourself, feel free to check out the Steam store page.


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