Save Jesus Requires Gamers To Save Jesus From Violent Fatalities

Save Jesus

Squashed by a boulder, crushed by blocks, falling into an endless pit, being blown up by explosives… these are just a few of the many deaths that Jesus may encounter in the puzzle game Save Jesus. The object is to protect the Messiah from all manner of violent, gory deaths while redirecting said gore onto Roman troops.

Jesus is placed in a number of different quagmires that players must help him escape from by shifting, moving and altering various blocks and puzzle pieces within a stage. Successfully shifting the stage will allow whatever harmful object or circumstance to befall the Roman troops instead of Jesus.

There’s a trailer below that covers how the gameplay rolls out in Save Jesus, courtesy of developer Almighty Games.

The objective of the game is to redirect traps across 50 different levels, all centered around physics-based challenges.

The game sport trading cards, achievements and a story centered on finding and destroying the time machine from the guy trying to kill Jesus… again.

This game is ripe for review memes, and the first review from user Luckers states…

“This game made me stop being atheist”

That’s more than what Joel Osteen has managed to accomplish.

Luckers will likely be joined by #CR4C3, who also recommended the game but seemed a little perturbed after his playthrough, writing…

“So i got the achievment Hellbound…


“I think i need to goto church now…. “

10/10… would read that review again.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game for only $1.99 from over on the Steam store. It’s currently discounted by 20% off for the first week of being on sale.