Super Dungeon Tactics Weapons And Combat Tactics Detailed

A new update has arrived for Underbite Games’ upcoming dungeon-crawling RPG, Super Dungeon Tactics. The most recent blog post covers the game’s combat tactics and some of the weapons that will be at the disposal of gamers.

The Super Dungeon Tactics update covers how different weapons have different ranges, different damage effects and different uses under various types of tactical combat situations.

They illustrate nine different attack vectors possible with different types of weapons, ranging wave-based AOE attacks to cross-shaped attacks, to thrusting lancer attacks, to single-space attacks.

They explain that depending on the weapon and skills you use will determine what range and how much damage that weapon can output. Daggers are great defensive weapons if a long-range specialist like an archer or a mage gets cornered by a kobold. Swords and axes afford players multiple spaces of attacks, and can dish out some serious damage for anyone unlucky enough to get too close.

Lances, spears and great swords can reach enemies at a distance, as well as provide some attacks to attack multiple foes at once. Maces, hammers and blunt weapons are perfect for pushing enemies back, and staffs offer users the option to attack multiple foes at once across multiple spaces.

Last but not least are crossbows and bows. These allow players to use their characters to attack foes from far distances across the map, giving a battlefield advantage against melee attackers and enemies relying on close-range abilities. One of the highlights of the bow and arrow is that it can also use long-range counter-attacks to interrupt enemy formations, making it not only a good resource for taking out groups before they get close, but also for disrupting other long-range attackers.

You can learn more about the weapons and the character classes present in Super Dungeon Tactics by visiting the official website. The developers will continue to release new information and media assets leading up to the game’s release on Steam this fall.


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