That Day We Left, Syrian Refugee Sim Hits Kickstarter
(Last Updated On: August 2, 2016)

The indie game That Day We Left has landed on Kickstarter from developers Inner Void Interactive. It’s a narrative tale about a family attempting to survive and escape from the Syrian conflict as refugees.

The game is designed to give people a look at what struggles refugees face attempting to get to safety – especially when they have young kids in their care – while dealing with all sorts of natural and war-related threats.

Inner Void Interactive explains on the Kickstarter page…

“That Day We Left is a 3D adventure game that focuses on meaningful choices and immersive narrative. The game aims to provide a realistic picture of the political and humanitarian issue that is the refugee crisis – from a refugee’s point of view.


“Combined with resource management akin to survival games, That Day We Left offers a healthy balance of gameplay and storytelling.”

The pitch trailer for That Day We Left reveals that the game has a point-and-click setup with multiple choices for players to deal with while they scavenge for equipment, food and ways to survive. You can check it out below.

The art-style is minimalistic but it still manages to capture a somewhat bleak and grim depiction of the war efforts taking place in Syria.

Inner Void is looking for $22,000 to bring That Day We Left to life through Kickstarter. They’ve already managed 103 backers and $2,443. They still have 29 days left as of the writing of this article, so they have plenty of time to add the other $20,000 to the pot.

Simultaneously, they’re also running a Greenlight campaign to get the title approved to appear on the Steam store. They’ve received quite a bit of support from the Steam community for tackling the difficult subject matter of refugees attempting to find peace while trying to survive in a war torn country.

There’s plenty of controversy surrounding some of the more militant refugees using brief windows of opportunity to rape, pillage and kill, but this particular game is focused on a family simply trying to survive.

Players will make the decisions and choices throughout the game as the head of the family, Rashid, while attempting to keep everyone alive. The events encountered in the game are based on the testimonies and real life experiences of refugees attempting to get out of Syria and into Europe.

According to Inner Void Interactive, they aren’t trying to take sides in how the story is represented but will simply give players an opportunity to experience situations where there are impossible choices to make where consequence is always a factor.

If the game does manage to get Kickstarted and they do manage to get Greenlit for Steam, Inner Void plans on donating some of the profit generated from the game to non-profit refugee relief charities.

You can learn more about That Day We Left by visiting the Kickstarter page or you can upvote the game by visiting the Greenlight page. If you need more convincing about the quality of the gameplay, an alpha demo is available for download via IndieDB.

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