The Tomorrow Children Set To Hit PS4 On September 6th

Dylan Cuthbert, president and executive producer over at Q-Games, took to the to announce the official release date of The Tomorrow Children. Currently planned for September 6th, the game will hit PS4 exclusively, and will be free to play in the near future.

According to Exophase, which released a list of trophies sometime back, we got a nice glimpse at how to get all of The Tomorrow Children’s trophies. Only having 11, the game showcases six bronze trophies, four silver trophies and one gold trophy, leaving out the precious platinum trophy from the list.

Although Exophase was early showing off the game’s trophies, Dylan Cuthbert (who is over Q-Games) came around to announce TC’s release date, pricing and what early access players will receive, courtesy of the

“Hello, Comrades! Today it gives me great pleasure to announce The Tomorrow Children will be launching next month on September 6 with the early access Founders Pack! We will also be opening the game up to everyone as a free-to-play title in the near future.”

In addition to the Founders Pack and the game being free-to-play, early access will be offered to the former for a limited time until the official free launch. The Founder Pack bundles together a selection of paid DLC items, 1,000 Freeman Dollars (in-game currency), and exclusive content. In other words, it just helps players to hit the ground running before the release of the game. As for the free-to-play aspect, it is noted to launch in the coming months after the Founder Pack ends.

Moreover, most of the blog post by Cuthbert focuses more on the Founders Pack, running for $19.99, and of course opens access to the game early, and gives extra content like weapons and better gear if you choose to go that route.

For more information on The Tomorrow Children, which will release for PS4 on September 6th, you can head on over to the to learn more.


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