The Turing Test, First-Person Sci-Fi Puzzler Now Available
(Last Updated On: August 30, 2016)

Bulkhead Interactive’s The Turing Test has officially launched for the Xbox One and PC. The first-person puzzler sees players stepping into the boots of science officer Ava Turing, an astronaut on a mission to Jupiter’s moon, Europa. The only problem is that something devastating has happened at the facility on Europa and it’s up to Ava to figure out what went down and what role the AI T.O.M had in the events that transpired.

Some critics are already calling The Turing Test a clone of Portal without the comedy. The game is definitely visually engaging, with technology and designs that seem like more grounded versions of architecture and equipment from something like Mass Effect.

The game itself plays out similar to Portal and a little bit like the game Colortone. The objective is to rearrange power couplings, utilize energy spheres and basically solve logic puzzles to get through Turing tests. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

So why is it called the Turing Test? For a couple of reasons. First up, since the main character’s name is Ava Turing, it’s a little like Ava is being tested. Get it? Second of all, it’s explained early in the game that the reason Ava can’t progress through the modular Europa facility is because a security measure has been setup to prevent non-humans from being able to access the higher security levels of the facility, thus Ava must complete Turing tests to prove her humanity. All of it plays into the game’s plot that unfolds over the course of the play session.

Graphically, the game looks really good, especially to be an indie title coming out of the Square Enix Collective. Bulkhead Interactive managed to give The Turing Test a nice shot of its own identity.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game for $19.99. It’s available on Steam in a collection’s edition as well, which includes an upgrade pack, containing the first full playable prototype of the game, a PDF art book, and a look behind the game’s development with a making of process.

You can learn more about The Turing Test by visiting the official website.

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  • Arbitrary

    Looking at the game’s STEAM-page; am I the only one who’s pissed off that some cuntstain out there decided the tag “Female Protagonist” needed to exist?

    • You’re a little late to the party on that one, man.

      A lot of those idiots out there over the past two years were running their mouths about there being no good female representation in games. But to make it easier to prove them wrong, Steam denizens started tagging games with “Female protagonist” to prove them wrong. You click that tag and just link the results to them to shut them up since they don’t know wtf they’re talking about.

      • C G Saturation

        I wish there was a way to stop people from talking about stuff they have absolutely zero knowledge about. It’s like ignorance has become a prerequisite to become an “expert”.

    • C G Saturation

      I really want more games with female protagonists, or create your own character. Problem is, most female protagonists tend to be men with a vagina (what the hell is the point then?) and games with create your own character tend to have shitty options or are boring grindfest MMOs with every simple little thing locked behind obnoxious paywalls.

      I don’t remember if I searched that tag on Steam, but I remember searching through co-op and multiplayer tags for ages and failing to find anything even remotely interesting. I remember that there are some games that have co-op multiplayer but don’t fall under both of those categories, so it’s clear their tagging system needs work.

      • Arbitrary

        “A lot of those idiots out there over the past two years were running their mouths about there being no good female representation in games. But to make it easier to prove them wrong, Steam denizens started tagging games with “Female protagonist” to prove them wrong.”

        Why in the sweet fuck did people give a toss about getting validation from these trash, to begin with? The right response shouldn’t be “No. You’re wrong, and his is why”, it should be “I sincerely do not give a shit what you think”.

        “I really want more games with female protagonists…”

        Jesus; that’s fucking stupid.

        • C G Saturation

          Not because we need more, but because it’s my personal preference. I don’t see how it’s fucking stupid if someone just prefers to play as a female protagonist.

          It’s fucking stupid if they think we need female protagonists solely for the sake of “balance” or “equality”.

          And let’s not forget that one of the main reasons people avoid making female protagonists is because the feminists will bitch about it either way.

          • I totally get what you’re saying.

            I fit into the camp where I do prefer killing stuff and blowing stuff up and racing stuff at fast speeds, so typically I enjoy playing as male characters who seem to fit that profile. Funnily enough, even when they do make females “dudes with boobs” they’re oftentimes cardboard cut-outs who are not interesting at all or lack the gravitas to be believable in those roles (i.e., the new Lara Croft).

            It’s rare we actually play believable female heroines in those action roles because typically they would have to be portrayed in a somewhat specific manner to fit that role. It’s as you said, though, they add females in just not to offend anyone but usually strip them of personality or any other traits that would match the sometimes harsh world they’re being portrayed in.

            Sadly, on the flip side we still have non-violent games with characters and stories oftentimes done in very cardboard cut-out ways to avoid offending anyone. Gameplay is safe. Characters are safe. Stories are oftentimes SJW-friendly.

            If you compare games from the mid-2000s or from throughout all of the 1990s to now, it’s a HUGE difference is how much variety and distinction were added to the characterizations of protagonists and villains compared to the games we get these days. Everything now is made for safe-space dwellers, even M-rated games.

            Like, have you seen the new Gears of War 4? All of the danger, all of the horror, all of the gore seems to have been cut down or whittled out for a PG-13 family adventure.

        • Why in the sweet fuck did people give a toss about getting validation from these trash, to begin with?

          Dude, have you not forgotten that video games were given mainstream attention as being misogynistic cesspools filled with women-hating games and gamers all thanks to Sarkeesian and her cronies? Facts be damned.

          People came up with the “Female Protagonist” tag because these idiots just kept harping about there not being any females in games. They could have left it all alone but the reality is that these screeching outrage banshees crave attention and love control. In a way, the tag at least diverts attention away from corrupt media attacking Steam for not having these games. They’ve always been there, but like mentioned, now when idiots say there are no games starring females this, that or the other, you can just point them to the tag to shut them up.

  • C G Saturation


    I thought it was interesting because she threatened to use Gawker to shame the driver and another female passenger, and also because she described the reaction as “gamergate style anti feminist bunch of nonsense”:

    Apologies for the off-topic post, and also if you already knew about this (you probably do).

    • Ahahahaha…. joke’s on her. Gawker is dead.

      • Alistair

        God that alot of blocks how does she do it, i bet it took All day of her life to do it.

        Better spare time on the things you like. lol 300.000 Blocks.

        She a SJW alright it all about that tiny little doll on the guy dashboard right.

        *took note: Added little dolls to the list of No-No*

      • C G Saturation

        And I hope it stays that way.