Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Trailer Showcases New Stage And Operators

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will receive its new update on August 2nd. The update entitled Operation Skull Rain adds over 50 improvements, as well as a free map called Favela. Moreover, new operators will also join the battle, named Capitao and Caveira, which will go live across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Taking to the Ubisoft Blog, the devs updated that specific page to announce the content and operators that will join the fray tomorrow on August 2nd. As always, a new trailer arrived today ahead of the update, which revolves around the new operators, their weapons and the new stage.

In addition, folks will be able to use the M-249, M12, SPAS 15, and the PARA-308 as primary weapons as the BOPE. As for their secondary weapon, the PRB92 will be apart of their arsenal. As for Capitao and Caveira’s respective weapons, the former will use asphyxiating crossbow bolts, while the latter uses interrogation tactics to help her team out.

Running for a minute and 30 seconds, the video covers the above with in-game footage. Thanks to Ubisoft’s YouTube channel, you can check the video out below.

If you can’t tell from the video above, the BOPE are trained to endure and predict CQU (close-quarters urban) warfare due to working exclusively in favelas, where nothing can erupt into something quickly.

The dev team also noted on the blog post that…

“The intention was to create street-smart Operators who had ample experience navigating such perilous perimeters. That’s why our new Operators can adapt to their environment to gain a tactical advantage.”

“This season we wanted our Operators to display a level of resourcefulness that goes beyond the use of gadgets—we can’t say more than that at the moment, but expect the tactical gameplay to gain in intensity.” 

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