Unloved, FPS Based On Doom Mod Exits Early Access September 29th

BlueEagle Productions’ Unloved is a standalone first-person shooter based on a Doom 2 mod. Paul Schneider is heading up the publishing on the game and it’s due for release late next month on September 29th.

Ahead of the game’s release is a brand new pre-release trailer, featuring a minute’s worth of actual in-game play. It’s a little like No More Room In Hell meets Killing Floor. You can check out the trailer below.

Graphically, Unloved looks pretty slick. We get to see some high-quality shader effects in play, including multiple light sourcing, dynamic shadows and what appears to be physically based rendering, but I could be wrong. It’s tough to glimpse some of the details from the fast paced trailer.

The game features cooperative play via online or via LAN, the latter of which seems like a dying feature for multiplayer even though it should be standard for every online game. You can also play solo and battle through randomly arranged levels where you must travel through, battle through hordes of ravaging monstrosities, and gather up trinkets to customize your play-style.

There are four different game modes, each one offering a vastly different play experience, from the Classic Horror mode where you have limited ammo and must survive by the skin of your teeth, to the Arcade Mode where you run through fast and furiously like the old-school Doom.

There are also collectible weapon mods available so you can customize and outfit the guns to behave the way you want, as well as personal challenges you can unlock to upgrade your Persona.

Unloved has garnered very positive feedback throughout its development and evolution through the Early Access phase from back in August of 2015. The developers have added in enough content to consider the game practically complete and now they’re prepping to graduate from Early Access on September 29th.

There are still some issues with the quality of the reloading animations and some of the enemies moving kind of stiff, but if that doesn’t bother you too much you can get your hands on the game and blast down some monsters with a double barrel shotgun.

You’ll be able to get Unloved for $14.99 for its full release. That’s the same price you’ll pay to get the Early Access version, so nothing really changes except for the quality of the game. You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page or by checking out the official website.


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