Versus: Battle of The Gladiator Available On Steam After Finishing Early Access Run

Netker’s online fighting game, Versus: Battle of the Gladiator, has officially launched on Steam recently. The game is available for $14.99 but you can get it for the next two weeks for only $9.89, 34% off the regular price as part of the launch discount.

Netker’s title has been in development for a while, but Versus didn’t hit Early Access until June, this summer. After some patches and dealing with a rocky start, the game’s appeal began to rise as user reviews for Versus began to switch from a thumbs down to a thumbs up, with many gamers praising the graphics, the combat and the developer’s attempt to try something new within the online battle arena genre.

Versus basically pits players against other players or against enemy NPCs in a variety of modes. The game sports up to eight players in either team-based or free-for-all modes across levels mirrored after medieval European castles or the ancient Roman Colosseum.

You can see what some of the gameplay looks like below, with footage of Versus: Battle of the Gladiator provided by YouTuber Kiira.

Gameplay wise the sword strikes and animations don’t look too bad. They’ve definitely improved the camera tracking since its first appearance on Early Access. Gamers will have seven different combat styles to master, along with various skill-sets and hundreds of weapons and armor parts to collect through intense online battles.

There’s even an armor destruction system, to help whittle down an opponent’s defenses so you can go in for the kill.

If you’re just curious about the co-op modes, there is an Assault mode where you fight bosses as well as a Horde mode where you and your friends can attempt to survive waves of enemy NPCs.

The reviews for Versus are mostly positive. Some people outside of the U.S., are saying that the lag is pretty bad for them, making it unplayable in other regions such as Australia. A few more hgave also complained about the hit detection and the game feeling kind of “janky” in general.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for an arena battle game centered around swords, sandals and shields, you can learn more about Versus by hitting up the Steam store page.

(Main image courtesy of rDizy)


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