Warframe: Here’s How To Get Nekros Prime Parts Using Relics

He’s finally here, Nekros Prime. With his new introductory trailer that defines his role over the dead, folks will now be able to find and build the Prime variant of Nekros starting today in Warframe. In this guide, folks will learn where all his parts are and what Relics hold his parts, as well as finding the Galatine and Tigris Prime parts. Digital Extremes’ Warframe is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Before explaining where to find all of Nekros Prime parts, and the newly Primed weapons, a new video is up showing all of his deadly beauty in action. You can check it out thanks to PlayWarframe.

I should note that some of the below may change, seeing how Nekros Prime and the weapons are new additions to the game.

Nekros Prime

Nekros Prime Blueprint can be found during the Axi N3 era and is rare. His Neuroptics (or helmet) can be found during the Meso F1 era, and stands to be uncommon. The Chassis is located during the Lith N1 and Axi G1 eras, and are common. Lastly, his Systems can be found on Neo N3 and stands to be rare.

Tigris Prime

The Prime variant of the Tigris Blueprint can be found during the Axi T1 era, and is rare. The Receiver is found during the Neo V3 era, and is uncommon. As for the Stock, it is located during the Meso S1 era, and stands to be common. The last piece is the Barrel, and is an uncommon drop during the Lith K1 era.

Galatine Prime

This beastly blade’s Blueprint can be found during the Axi G1 era, and is rare. The Blade can be found during both Neo V2 and V3 era, and Meso S2 era, and is common to find. As for the Handle, the uncommon part is found during the Neo V2 era.

This post will be updated with all the needed resources to build said weapons and frame. As of now, you can head on over to the game’s official Wikia — that the devs support — to learn more about Nekros Prime, Tigris Prime and the Galatine Prime. You can download Warframe right now, for free, for PC, PS4 or Xbox One.


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