Watch All Persona 5 Characters’ All-Out-Attacks In New Videos

I know it’s hard for those that are holding out on Atlus’ Persona 5 to avoid spoilers, but those that are looking to get a nice look at the game before its February 14th, 2017 release date, there are some new videos showing each characters’ All-Out-Attacks. Persona 5 is set to come out for PS3 and PS4.

Warning! If All-Out-Attacks stand as spoilers to you, I suggest that you turn around now to avoid each characters’ special move. However, if it doesn’t ebb you the wrong way and stands as additional information that’s spoiler free, then it’s worth noting that it’s safe to stay and watch.

As of now, a lot of Persona fans are liking the combat in the game, which they say looks smooth and quick. It’s also worth noting that the game holds a lot of stylized moves, which is fine by me.

Moreover, these special moves showcase some sick damage to the team’s counterparts. I’d image that these moves will help out in tough battles instead of wasting them on trash mobs that roam around.

Anyways, these videos actually show gameplay footage of in-game events. As noted above, each video is here just to show a sneak peek at every All-Out-Attack. This ranges from the Protagonist, Makoto, Yusuke, Anne, and Ryuji. With that said, you can check out each of their All-Out-Attacks thanks to Atlustube.

I know it’s quite hard to wait until next year on Valentine’s day to get a hold of the game, but sadly, folks will have to wait a nice long time before the game drops for PS3 and PS4 over in the West.

Speaking of the release date, Persona 5 is due out for PS3 and PS4 on September 15th over in Japan. As for Europe, Deep Silver is set to publish the game, which currently has no release date as of this moment.