When It Hits The Fan Offers Classic Top-Down Arcade Action

The developers at Heartfelt Games are going for 1990s style classic retro gameplay, with their new Arcade top-down shooter, When It Hits The Fan.

When It Hits The Fan is like the old-school arcade shooters we grew up playing from the early 90s, similar to games like Contra, the old Rambo, and Smash TV games. The graphics of course looks like retro 2D pixel art, and the story follows two tough siblings traveling the world and fighting hoards of zombies, evil robot AI, demons, and aliens that have all attacked the world simultaneously as all hell breaks loose.

This brother and sister duo are the only ones strong enough to stop it all when the world is sent into chaos. When It Hits The Fan of course will also support local co-op shooter gameplay so that you can play along with your buddy to save the world as a team.

when it hits the fan 2

You will travel between four main locations — the city, a laboratory, the Underground that also seems to be Hell (because, why not?), and an alien spaceship. When It Hits The Fan and everything evil in the universe is trying to kill you, you’ll also need the strongest of weapons to help you survive and exterminate the evil that stands in your way.

You will be able to pick up and choose between eight different weapons, ranging from a standard Handgun, dual handguns, a Shotgun, a machine gun, a grenade Launcher, a flamethrower, a Laser pistol, a Laser Cannon; and of course, you can’t hunt zombies, demons and aliens without your trusty Chainsaw. I think the Doomguy would be proud of this weapon set.

If you are interested in seeing how the actual game plays out, you can take a look at the official trailer that I linked down below. I’m pretty sure those of you that grew up playing these types of games as a child will appreciate the fast paced side-scrolling, topdown action that When It Hits The Fan has to offer.

The developers for When It Hits The Fan have launched a Kickstarter campaign for a goal of $3,000 USD, all of the additional stretch goal money from there will be used to add in additional content to the game. If you follow the above link you can also download and play a free demo to test the game out for yourself.

Furthermore, the devs have also created a Steam Greenlight, so you can follow the provided link to cast your vote to help get the game on Steam. Last but not least, you can visit the official Heartfelt Games website for further details about the game.


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