Akeytsu Indie Set To Bring Easy Animating To Steam Early Access

Publisher and developer Nukeygara seeks to bring game animators — preferably indie game animators — an easy-to-use 3D method for animating. Set to hit Steam Early Access this month for PC, skeletal animation, keyframing, animation layering and cycling are said to be more user friendly than ever before.

I don’t know how legit this project is going to be in the future, but seeing Nukeygara’s past track record, the devs seem to be pretty serious about bringing new game creators better character animating and rigging.

“Disruptive, easy and able to generalize access to 3D animation, akeytsu offers the most intuitive character animation and rigging package for game and Indie game makers.”

One concern that was reiterated a lot by Nukeygara is that there aren’t a lot of 3D programs out there for newcomers to jump in and create smooth, hassle free animations for characters and objects. It is also noted by the team that the usual way of animating can take up a lot of time, forcing a project to take longer than expected.

Additionally this is where Akeytsu Indie steps in. Sporting a skeletal animation stacker with easy keyframing, the two are coupled with spinner/manipulator handling that allow for on-the-fly editing. Folks will also find animation layering, F-Curve integration with 3D viewpoint (curveboard), a cyclemaker, keyframe onion ghosts, and mesh control along with light rig.

As of course, other features like IK/FK solver light rig can be found, among other key abilities like skeleton creation and editing, skinning creation with skin Painter and vertices editing, animation banking, multi-view layouts/handling, and FBX import/export.

All of the above sounds very nice for newcomers to fiddle around with at an easy, non-cumbersome rate. The result of the above in layman’s term means that the devs made the program for animators and not for professional animators, which sounds pretty cool on paper, but hopefully as cool in execution.

You can check out both videos showing Akeytsu Indie in action, thanks to Dessignare and Akeytsu.

For more information on this program and the devs you can head on over to Steam Early Access, or nukeygara.com.


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