America’s Trust In Mainstream Media Falls To 32%
(Last Updated On: October 12, 2016)

“It’s about ethics in journalism” they mocked from their ivory towers. Journalists from enthusiast press to mainstream media took jabs from 2014 up until the present day at #GamerGate for wanting better ethics in media, turning the grassroots consumer revolt into a mockery across the airwaves, radio and internet. It turns out that it’s not just gamers craving for better ethics in media… it’s everyone.

In a poll conducted by Gallup [via Wikileaks], they surveyed Americans from various age groups and political stances, revealing that overall only 32% of Americans trust mainstream media. This includes television, radio and newspapers.

Republicans especially distrust the media, with only 14% expressing trust, which is down by more than 50% from last year, where the trust ratio was at 32%.

Only 30% of Independents trust mass media and 51% of Democrats trust mass media. Despite the Democrats mostly having control of mainstream media and online media, the number is still down compared to 2015, where 55% of Democrats trusted the media.

Gallup first questions if the distrust comes from the obvious slant in the Presidential elections, but then goes on to commits mental gymnastics to circumvent a very obvious point by proclaiming that the distrust could be from online blogs, stating…

“With the explosion of the mass media in recent years, especially the prevalence of blogs, vlogs and social media, perhaps Americans decry lower standards for journalism. When opinion-driven writing becomes something like the norm, Americans may be wary of placing trust on the work of media institutions that have less rigorous reporting criteria than in the past. On the other hand, as blogs and social media “mature,” they may improve in the American public’s eyes.”

On the contrary… trust in independent, specialist and non-corporate blogs is where you’re likely to find actual facts and the “truth”. The entirety of the #GamerGate article on Wikipedia is cited mostly from mainstream media outlets and the majority of all those citations are blatant and easily disprovable lies.

It’s been independent bloggers who have been champions of truth and fact-finding recently. In fact, mainstream and enthusiast media were behind backing Crash Override Network, even doing so just recently despite the fact that leaks revealed that the network engaged in harassment, doxing and sabotage. Regardless, they’ve been promoting the organization because some of them are friends with those working there, or have already committed to the narrative that any enemy of #GamerGate is their friend, even if they’re committing illegal acts.

The sad reality out of all of this is that the mainstream media is moving toward its own downfall due to blatant lies and misreporting, such as the recent surge in claiming that Pepe the cartoon frog is a symbol of Alt-Right white nationalists. Some have even maintained that narrative even in the face of their articles being clearly debunked.

There was also the instance of the Huffington Post firing a journalist for reporting on Hillary’s health.

Expect Gallup’s polls next year to slide even further down the scale, which is a far cry from the 72% trust rating that Americans had for the mainstream media back in 1976, when things like the Watergate scandal and the honest reporting on the war opened the eyes of the public to real investigative journalism.

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  • keith

    BAHAHAHA I read 6% where did you get these inflated numbers? CNN?

  • Smug

    Not even normalfags would take seriously the mainstream media that rants about meme frogs being “a white supremacist icon”

  • Fyrex

    One of the biggest problems I see myself is that there is too much “opinions” given in mainstream news media. It’s filled with nothing but pundits, and even saying pundits is a stretch as by definition they are supposed to be “experts” which most are far from. Journalist are supposed to report the news as objectively and unbiased as humanly possible, if you start filling it with your opinion/narrative then you failed at your job and you do not get to call yourself a journalist.

    • This has become strikingly portent for the downfall of mainstream journalism with those so-called “experts” and pundits putting Pepe front and center at the news desk. A cartoon frog as a national crisis by people who don’t know what a meme is.

    • scemar

      fun fact, most of the experts just give you the same sort of recycled basic bitch opinions because they all come from the same backgrounds, the same universities, hang out at the same social circles, and have adopted the same stances on pretty much everything and they care more about their reputations within those circles than having interesting ideas

      that’s why they’re becoming irrelevant, because now we’re not stuck having to listen to them anymore, we have options, great

    • This is exactly it. Instead of just reporting, they’re also giving their opinion on it as well, deciding what is “right” and what is “wrong”. AND choosing what and what not to sweep under the rug.

      Very scummy behaviour from a network of odious SJWs.

      I should know because I’m in the UK – virtually all of the major TV channels and tabloid news outlets are ultra left-wing pieces of shit.

    • LurkerJK

      The 3 things i hate the most about mainstream media,

      the so called experts that are obviously close-minded and biased

      the “lets ask the regular joe” moment when they go ask a few jackasses who can barely manage to cross the street what they think about scientific issues and then hand pick the stupidest answers that support the particular stance of the media as if that proves anything “we asked some dude, that means all dudes think the same!”

      and the fucking made up statistics about every fucking thing, 1289% of the ppl think blue is better than yellow, sample= 3 ppl they phoned at random (probably he producer’s family), 2 didnt answer, also its over 100% because they had the intern make a pie chart and he has social studies mayor level of math

  • scemar

    what we’re seeing is the dawn of a new era

    for many of us, cynicism towards the mainstream media is not new, we were already used to seeking them on our own and filtering them out to find who to trust, but now more people are adopting that mindset and that’s a big change

    the truth is that the mainstream news have been subject to politics and business interests affecting what they report for many many decades already, only now it finally managed to become obvious to even the least distrustful people

    the shift is going to be huge, as big as the revolution brought by the printing press when it brought books and newspaper printing and reading to the masses

    the shift is going from gigantic corporations monopolizing the market of information, ideas and news, towards a more flexible and nimble format of smaller groups or individuals with a higher level of independence and involvement more directly getting to the facts and delivering them to people,

    they are more efficient because of a smaller structure, less moving parts involved, so it all costs less and they can also move with more speed, that also means they have less pre existing ties or commitments to the affairs they cover, and will often be individuals with more passion and skill for what they do, as opposed to connections and status which led them to the big companies

    another bonus is that people can more easily switch from one source to another, which makes the overall system more secure

    it’s all been made possible thanks to the internet connecting people, platforms to allow people to broadcast information, and social media making it easier for people to browse all the ideas out there

    • Mr.Towel

      And you can be pretty sure that this is all more reason for the big media corporation to lobby the government for more internet control.

      Another reason why fighting for online liberty and privacy is so important.

      • Yep. YouTube selectively demonetizing videos; Google, Twitter and Facebook clamping down on “hate speech”; and the U.N., wanting control of the internet is the gov’s fast-track to controlling the free-flow of information.

        Limit the information people can have. Limit the ways in which people can make money from that information. And limit the reach of that information through social media. The result is a controlled environment for peddling propaganda, not unlike China.

  • giygas

    That’s some fine mental gymnastics they used in shifting the blame onto blogs and social media.

  • C G Saturation

    Yeah, I read this news earlier. I wonder what the results would have been like before they started pulling out all the stops to smear the hell out of Trump while humping Hillary as hard as they can.

    On one hand, I feel kinda surprised that the American public isn’t as stupid as it seems to portray itself. You know, what with people eagerly believing what they want to believe. On the other hand, if the disapproval rates of stuff like congress, media and government are really that low, and yet the bullshit continues unabated, it suggests that regular people can’t do much to stop it. Which is depressingly sad.

    Speaking of the media sucking balls, I earlier happened upon an interesting link about how much Huffington Post sucks. It seems accurate!

    • yet the bullshit continues unabated, it suggests that regular people can’t do much to stop it. Which is depressingly sad.

      A lot of people don’t know what to do. #GamerGate knew what to do. Gamers know what to do.

      The difference between gamers and normies is that gamers have been training their whole lives to be proactive against virtual evil and problem solving every situation that poses to be an obstacle or challenge to them. Gaming is all about overcoming the odds. Normies don’t have that drive, which is why all the falsehoods in media can be peddled and no one will do anything about it. #GamerGate did something about it. Put together operations, put aside differences and got serious about taking down the baddies.

      Someone would have to “wake up” normies to get their lazy behinds in motion to start doing what gamers have already done since 2014.

      • Alistair

        Maybe we can have gamergate-2 the sequel. (JOKE).

        Did you see what i did there billy, some would be consider that offensive as sarcasm even though i hightlight it as a joke.

        Their see nothing wrong what they put but take offense what others write.

        It the same for MSM then they blindly not see the CON leaks delete/block people witty sarcasm comments to call out their BS. Hypocrisy.

        Edit: they too end up using sarcasm to debunk a person comment.

      • LurkerJK

        even without waking them up, they are leaving the media in droves anyway, although i fear the direction they are taking, most go for the apathy path.

        how many do you know that do not watch the news?
        how many that havent bought a newspaper in like decades?
        how many that dont give a fuck about anything unless it affects them personally ?

        Ive spent some time with university students about to graduate and in most cases they have their heads up their own assholes, they live in their own isolated little world, only hear the news about the handful of things they like and block out the rest of the universe
        Many of these ppl couldnt tell you what the candidates to president are, what they think about anything, or even who is the current president, the media has NO influence over them

  • Alistair

    And their towers come tumbling down, other country media should take note.

    Ship up or lose out they immunity is Over.