Android Hunter A: Mega Man inspired Shooter Comes To Greenlight
(Last Updated On: September 10, 2016)

Mega Man is now lost with no modern games coming out anytime soon, and his once majestic glory has now all but faded. Mighty No. 9 came on the scene and brought loads of hype, promising to become Mega Man’s successor and carry on the torch, but for some, he too fell short and the final product left a sour taste in gamers’ mouths.

So with that being said, the third times the charm, right? Developers Digiplox is now trying their hand at a new Mega Man style action-shooter platform game that goes by the name Android Hunter A. Of course this also means that the game features classic side-scroller shooter elements such as wall jumping, fast paced run-and-gun action, and end level boss fights that will put your buster skills to good use. When you see the game you will see that it is pretty clear that Mega Man was a huge inspiration for this game, especially when you see the hand drawn animations, the art style and especially the gameplay mechanics.

As for upgrades, you will be able to unlock new ones after you defeat one of the boss enemies, which will allow you to gain their abilities to increase your arsenal and become more powerful.

Android Hunter A isn’t in the retro 2D art style and doesn’t use sprite based animation, instead the game is in 3D and appears to also feature cinematic cutscenes to carry the story forward. The developers released a teaser trailer and a gameplay video showing the actual game in the two videos I linked down below.

The official release date is still unknown and is currently pending as “to be announced”, so we still have a bit of time to wait before it hits stores. However, if you are interested in learning more or supporting the game you can check out their Steam Greenlight page where the developers are posting information and videos up about the game. Additionally, you can also head on over to the official Digiplox website for further details and information about the game.

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