Battlerite: Guide To Learning The Basics And How To Win

Recently arriving on PC via Steam Early Access is Battlerite. Stunlock Studios’ MOBA pits players against each other with classic top-down multiplayer arena action, and if you want to learn the basic mechanics that go into this game hopefully this guide will help you out.  

MOBA games can be simple, light and fun, but often times they can hold complex mechanics that can change the tide of any match you are participating in, and Battlerite is no exception. The official description sits below:

“BATTLERITE is an action-packed team arena brawler. Experience the unique combination of a top-down shooter with a fast-paced fighting game. Challenge friends and others in a battle of reaction, unleashing the champion within you.”

Sporting matches that last around 10-15 minutes, it is said by the devs that it doesn’t really matter if you are a veteran or rookie to enjoy the game, but in a sense it does. Knowing certain characters and their strengths can lead to an advantage in any conflict to come out on top as the victor.

The first video that’s up is all about learning the basics, controls and mechanics for Battlerite. The video does run for some time, but it illustrates some of the core essentials nicely. If you want you can watch the first video guide by Wilky.

If the above wasn’t enough and you are looking for another guide detailing Battlerite, TiVVV3 MOBA Adventures provides an introduction and gameplay guide for the MOBA.

The second guide video runs six minutes more than the one above, but I’m sure it will help out if you are trying to get a grasp on what Battlerite has to offer. You can check the video out below.

Battlerite is out now for PC via Steam Early Access. For more information on this game you can hit up, or Early Access.


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