Bleed 2 PAX West Video Puts Stylish Bullet-Hell Gameplay On Display

Ian Campbell’s Bleed 2 is currently in development, set for release in late 2016 or early 2017 on PC. The sequel to the indie hit, Bleed, features a new cooperative mode, along with improved counter-combos, projectiles and special abilities to take down enemies.

IGN managed to capture four minutes worth of gameplay at this year’s PAX West in Seattle, Washington. The gameplay features the early goings of the game as well as a look at a few of the new mechanics. Check it out below.

The video starts with close to 40 seconds of cooperative play, where two players are reflecting the projectiles of enemies, shooting them down and double-jumping out of the way. It moves fast but there’s also an element of grace about the way the characters move, almost as if we’re watching pixelated sprites performing gun-fu ballet. It’s almost… it’s almost beautiful.

But what you see in the header image at the top is not a lie. You can actually jump-dodge while reflecting enemy bullets away, dual-wielding two pistols and then slicing guys down as if you were Hardcore Henrietta.

The action is smooth, fluid, fast and constant. Imagine Mega Man as an endless runner with the abilities from Vanquish and Max Payne combined… you’ll end up with Bleed 2.

As for the art-style and music, the game reminds me a lot of The Powerpuff Girls with hyped up pop-rock blaring in the background. It works. It looks good.

Now if only Capcom had the skill or intelligence to make a Mega Man game like this. Oh right, that’s what everyone paid Keiji Inafune to do and he let gender politics get in the way of making a good game.

Now for you Mega Man purists, the game is definitely a lot more hardcore than both the Mega Man X and standard Mega Man games. The bosses have a bullet-hell vibe to them and there’s not a whole lot of challenge to the platforming. Even still, it looks like a fun little game with a lot of fast-paced, twitch reflexes.

If you’re into stuff like Bleed 2 you can keep an eye on it or add it to your wishlist by checking out the Steam store page.


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