Chikara: Action Arcade Wrestling Takes UE4 Project To IndieGoGo

Vico Game Studio’s Chikara: Action Arcade Wrestling is a throwback to the old 3D wrestling games from the late 1990s. It features dynamic wrestling that pays homage to classics like the AKI Corp series, arcade wrestling games, and the Human Interactive games.

Recently, the company sent out a new promo video indicating that the 3D wrestling title being built on the Unreal Engine 4 is seeking funds at the moment through an IndieGoGo campaign. If you want to check out two minutes’ worth of pre-alpha footage, you can scope out the trailer below.

According to the developers, the game is being designed to replicate the fast-paced action from games like Wrestlefest and presumably a little bit of Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game. There are a number of moves that the players have at their disposal, along with special maneuvers such as fireballs… yes, fireballs.

The visual style definitely reminds me of the AKI games, but the gameplay seems faster and more in-line with the arcade wrestling titles.

While they say that the gameplay will be fast-paced the actual footage looks more inline with the kind of wrestling games that were oh-so-popular on the N64. A lot of people consider that time to be the golden age of gaming, and it’s impossible to argue with them given how many awesome games were out during that time, from Duke Nukem 3D to Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to King’s Quest VIII; there were so many innovative and unique games out back then, and wrestling titles were no exception.

The game uses a cel-shaded art-style, and will feature a two-button control scheme. There will be 10 different match types and game modes, as listed below, along with inter-gender matches.

• One vs. One
• Tag Team
• Three-way match
• Four-way match
• Four-way elimination
• Trios match (6-man tag team)
• 6-man elimination
• Infinite Gauntlet
• Battle Royal
• Cage Match

They also have plans on including a character creation suite on PC, allowing PC gamers to utilize texture imports, body morphing and move-set modifications.

The team is working with a $25,000 goal so it’s not that high. They have a flexible funding setup and are looking to get funded over the course of the next two months. If you think this is something you would like to see come to fruition, feel free to check it out over on the IndieGoGo page.


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