Cranium Conundrum Is Like An Indie Version Of Super Mario Maker

Falling Star Games is set to release their side-scrolling title Cranium Conundrum into Early Access on Steam starting September 23rd. The game is basically like the PC, indie version of Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker.

Basically, you build the levels you want, adding in various platforming obstacles and challenges, as well as pitfalls, razor saws and cannonballs to give players a bit of a tough time in getting to the exit, and then after building it you can play the level. A brief promotional trailer was released to give you an idea of what to expect from the upcoming title. Check it out below.

The Early Access version of Cranium Conundrum features the block-based level editor with the included materials to change-up and alter the way the level is presented, along with physics-enabled blocks to mix and match some of the gameplay elements that players will encounter.

The Early Access version also allows for sharing and multiplayer, giving up to eight players the opportunity to modify and create the levels they want.

Right now the player customization is fairly basic but they have plans on adding in options for skin color, head-wear and various shirts and pants.

Much like old-school games like Klick ‘n Play or the new SnapMap for the 2016 rendition of Doom, there’s actually the ability to modify and edit the logic and events that can be turned on, turned off, manipulated, activated or synchronized within the level.

According to the Early Access page, the developers plan on spending up to four months working on Cranium Conundrum, fleshing out the level editor and implementing more of the main features along with expanding the campaign levels and online multiplayer. You can look for Cranium Conundrum to enter into Early Access on September 23rd, and you can pick up a copy for only $5.99 when it does become available.

You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.


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