CurseBreaker, 2D Magic Game Seeks Votes On Greenlight

Iced Lizard Games is composed of two guys that do all of the graphics, animations, sounds and programing for their games. The two took their latest project, CurseBreaker, to the community curated sector, seeking to get it through Steam Greenlight. The 2D magic game is set to come out early 2017, and will be for PC.

This game is about a mysterious curse that sweeps across the land and changes everything for the worse. It later follows one man who sets out to stop this curse with his magic wielding capabilities, and seeks to face off against the dark entities over the curse.

“A mysterious curse has spread across the land, and one man sets out to stop it! As you make your way across the countryside, you’ll encounter tons of monsters, ancient creatures and powerful bosses all looking to put you down and ensure their takeover.”

I like the fluidity of the animations in CurseBreaker; I also like that enemies sport patterns and specific ways to take them out. However, I don’t like that the graphics look a little unpolished. I know that it’s an 8-bit game, but I think that it could use a little more detail graphically in certain areas and it will be fine.

Aside from that pet peeve, the game looks quite solid and is pretty well designed to be made by two devs. If the above struck your curiosity and you want to see CurseBreaker in action, a full minute and 20 second long gameplay video by Iced Lizard Games sits below.

Anyways, if you want to vote for this game on Greenlight you can head on over to its page on Steam to help support CurseBreaker. However, if you are leery about the game and want to learn more about the devs, you can do so by hitting up


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