Daily Dot, RAW Story, Business Insider Falsely Claim Ralph Is Leader Of #GamerGate
(Last Updated On: September 7, 2016)

The media is currently running a false narrative about #GamerGate and the recent arrest of blogger Ethan Ralph from TheRalphRetort.com. They’re claiming that Ethan Ralph was the leader of #GamerGate and that it was all about harassing women.

The truth of the matter is that #GamerGate is a leaderless movement. The Wikipedia article, in all its biased intentions, still attribute the consumer revolt against unethical journalism as a leaderless movement…

“Following the accusations against Quinn, proponents of Gamergate began to use the “KotakuInAction” subreddit and boards on 8chan to discuss and organize. Because of its anonymous membership, lack of organization and leaderless nature, sources differ as to the goals or mission of Gamergate and, with no person or group able to speak for Gamergate, defining it has been difficult.”

The descriptive block was even pulled from Jesse Singal’s piece that was published on October 20th, 2014 on New York Magazine, where the writer — despite being against #GamerGate — still admits that it’s a leaderless movement.

Additionally, other notable outlets have also reiterated the same thing; that the movement is leaderless. Erik Kain, a contributor to Forbes, wrote on August 21st, 2015…

“[…] because #GamerGate is an amorphous, leaderless movement as concerned with SJWs as it is with ethics, there has never been a proper decision as to what exactly its grievances are, what precisely its ethics complaints may be. The two sides of the coin—anti-SJW agenda and ethics in game journalism—spin so fast we can never quite tell what we’re seeing.”

So then how does a grassroots movement go from being generally recognized by mainstream and enthusiast press as being a leaderless movement to having Ethan Ralph as the leader?

In this case, Ethan Ralph, from The Ralph Retort, was arrested on multiple charges of assault and disorderly conduct after he was found drunk in the lobby of a hotel. He’s currently being held without bail. Brianna Wu did an article on the Daily Dot with a headline titled “Gamergate leader arrested on 2 felony counts of assaulting a police officer”. However, Wu wisely avoids the direct assertion within the article itself that Ralph was actually the leader of the consumer revolt, but instead writes that he was “One of Gamergate’s most notorious harassers”.

David Ferguson from RAW Story picked up the news from the Daily Dot, reiterating the headline from Wu’s article but also avoids directly inferring that Ralph was the leader in the article itself, writing…

“A notorious alt-right troll from Virginia who played a major role in the harassment of women in the video game industry was arrested in late August after he drunkenly passed out in a hotel lobby, then assaulted a sheriff’s deputy when he came to.”

Ben Gilbert, a former member of the Game Journo Pros, wrote an article for Business Insider with the headline “A prominent leader of Gamergate was just arrested on charges of assaulting a police officer”. The article itself avoids calling Ralph a “leader”, but instead states…

“One of Gamergate’s most prominent voices, Ethan Ralph, was arrested recently on two counts of assault on law enforcement and count of obstruction of justice.”

The article continues to repeat what was mentioned in both Wu’s article on the Daily Dot and the article on RAW Story. None of them mention that #GamerGate is actually a leaderless movement.

What’s more is that even Ralph himself has claimed distance from the GamerGate hashtag, far removing any position of leadership within the consumer revolt. On March 24th, 2015 Ralph wrote on his blog…

“It’s no secret that I have heat with some people over on 8chan. The person who runs /v/ is a shithead who put my links on archive, and we all know about the baphomet stuff.”

The post refers to the 8chan #GamerGate boards and the drama he’s had with the people involved. In fact, the 8chan branch of #GamerGate – an imageboard where people can post anonymously – absolutely detest Ethan Ralph. In fact, they despise him so much that you can’t even type out the name of his website on the #GamerGate boards; the name is automatically changed to prevent people from linking to or talking about Ralph’s articles.

Ralph did a post about his site being archived on 8chan, preventing him from receiving hits or views from anyone who attempts to link to his content on the board, writing in a post on February 19th, 2015

“The “board owner” of 8chan’s /v/ (@MarkM447) has been triggered by some of the success we’ve achieved here. So, he took it upon himself to make sure all my links would now have to be archived. Apparently this is supposed to hurt the site? I’m not sure.”

Ralph’s content is also barred from being shared on the other #GamerGate hub, Kotaku In Action, a popular board on Reddit, unless the content is archived.

There were various debates and discussions about Ralph and his content on Kotaku In Action, which eventually led to a consensus to archive any content from his site to avoid him getting any hits or making any ad revenue from his content, with Reddit user FSMhelpusall writing…

“I defended [Ralph] for a while, but after the utter dancing on Lily’s grave shit they pulled trying to get at (Edited for Accuracy) CultofVivian, I think it’s time we force archive on it too.”

This was in response to Ralph publishing articles attacking various individuals who were associated with #GamerGate, including someone who previously supported the hashtag but had committed suicide (which is what the quote above is referring to). There was also an especially vitriolic piece on activist and writer Liana Kerzner – a sympathetic but mostly neutral associate to #GamerGate – that caused many who use the GamerGate hashtag to completely disassociate from Ethan Ralph and The Ralph Retort.

Ralph started off with some strong support from sections of #GamerGate but quickly became too fringe for the majority of moderates, and many felt as if a movement focused on ethics in journalism should not reward someone with hits and support who they felt was the equivalent of a clickbait blogger.

Ralph is now mostly highly regarded by a group known as GGRevolt, who felt as if #GamerGate was too soft in its approach. The GGRevolt group managed to catch the ire of the 8chan, Kotaku In Action and Twitter factions of #GamerGate, with Kotaku In Action labeling GGRevolt as “anti-#GamerGate”. Kotaku in Action regular, Netscape9, summed up Ralph’s disassociation from #GamerGate by writing…

“Ralph is a muckraker whose website got put on the blacklist after he published articles attacking the friends and family of a GamerGate supporter who killed herself. Revolt are mostly a mixture of trolls and actual extremists who think GamerGate should become far-right extremists and purge GamerGate of anyone who holds moderate, left-wing or even centre-right views. Revolt and Ralph were made for each other.”

Ralph’s pariah status within #GamerGate is neither hinted at nor mentioned in any of the pieces by the Daily Dot, RAW Story or Business Insider. Instead they focus on Ralph as a harasser and doxxer, a nuisance to Brianna Wu and one of #GamerGate’s leaders.

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  • Mr.TopKek

    oh hey, I’m in this article.

  • GuitarAnthony

    We all know factions formed who decided that they needed to have purity in the ranks & Ralph wasn’t going to cut it. Everyone forgets all the early articles on Wu, Harper & Quinn & the Allison Prime catfishing debacle (not that he found out himself but got Polk to admit on stream his various misdeeds including asking GG women to ‘trade’ nudes). Ralph had made truces with several people over the times but is never the one to break said truces & then he goes all out to make it known. Overreaction? Perhaps. Depends on your outlook. Now some low level e-celebs & neverweres had a circlejerk stream to share his prison data to as IMC tweeted ‘point and laugh’ or Mundane Matt a video calling Ralph a ‘muckraker & a POS’. Brave words & actions when you think he’s still locked up. It shows the pettiness & jealousy of many that they sperged all over Twitter & KIA about it. Brother had a bad night. Could have happened to anyone. To take such glee without knowing the story (which no one but Ralph will know until his trial) is shameful. Don’t bring up Lily Feng either because anyone with a modicum of brainpower knows it was all edited logs from a private chatroom & false narrative pushing an agenda. His blog has moved on to politics for the most part anyway and rarely covers GG anymore.

    So hate the Ralph? That’s fine. You can hate yet be fair to the man.

    Otherwise where’s YOUR ethics?

    • Mouth

      These people saw an opening to act like complete autists and leaped at the opportunity. Maybe Slade should spend less time focusing on Ralph and finish that trash game. KoP needs to get back to washing the taste of Weevs dick outta his mouth.

    • GuitarAnthony

      And hey, since I forgot, when those logs got leaked back in early 2016, who were GGSF/GG+’s main targets?

      Two handicapped women.

      So if your engine is running ready to reply just don’t spout your hypocrisy.

      Heard it all already.

  • GuitarAnthony

    How can you treat glorious supreme leader like this, Billy? 😀

  • MusouTensei

    And I thought I’m the leader, I’m german.

  • Maniate

    Mad at shit journalists. Responds by doing the shittiest journalism possible. Giving Ralph attention always made hypocrites out of us. You don’t get to claim to be upset about the gaming press while accepting awful press because they are on your ‘side.’

  • Erthwjim

    Wu also tweeted that she was going to contact the judge and explain how Ralph harasses women so the judge wouldn’t be lenient when it came to sentencing.

    • Brianna Wu is a tosser who simply needs to fuck off and concentrate on the fact that his game Retardation 60 is getting hammered on Steam.

      • C G Saturation

        But Wu is trans, so that automatically makes Wu a special treasured minority who must be worshipped and believed and showered with love, money and attention. Because fuck logic.

  • Yarlg

    I have to say I consider OneAngryGamer to be more reliable and verifiable than TheRalphRetort now, considering how often Ralph let Seattle4Truth and WildGoose run articles on his site, and now his stupid drunk incident. I’ve added this site to my home screen and will check it more often.

  • C G Saturation

    Wow. Never change, mainstream media.

  • scrumpmonkey

    Worst part is they stole Wu’s story, who in turn took all of her info from you.

    • I think Wu got the core stuff from Gamertics and then sprinkled in all the “Ralph was being a very bad boy to me”

      • C G Saturation

        It disgusts me that the mainstream media always jumps on every bullshit Wu spews out and reports it as fact. I think everyone knows by now that Wu has a very long history of being an ultra attention seeker. I’m sure the mainstream media knows this as well, but they still choose to reward such people by repeatedly focusing the spotlight on them. It’s sick.

    • GuitarAnthony

      but yuh credit!

  • Ralph has been arrested and jailed.

    Therefore of course these SJW lefties will be tripping over each other to immediately label him as the “leader” of GamerGate, because it soils and stigmatizes the name of GamerGate even more.

    Forever a Sisyphus situation against the mainstream media.

    • C G Saturation

      You can tell they were waiting for SOMEONE related to GamerGate to be portrayed in a negative light. It says a lot that it took over a year for that to happen. Shame most people are too braindead to consider that.

    • Funny how they couldn’t wait to throw up hit-pieces about Ralph but you can’t get them to say a word about CON. I’m tempted to do a piece about how they haven’t written about CON but then the other leaks are coming up this weekend. Hmm…

      Oh yeah, and they also had nothing to say about Matt Hickey getting girls drunk to have sex with them while lying about giving them a job in the porn industry.

      • Mr.Towel

        You can bet that if they ever talk about Matt Hickey… they’ll blame the entire porn industry and forget about him.

      • Reaper of Salt

        “I’m tempted to do a piece about how they haven’t written about CON but then the other leaks are coming up this weekend.”

        I say, SHIP IT!

      • “I’m tempted to do a piece about how they haven’t written about CON but then the other leaks are coming up this weekend. Hmm…”

        Might be a good idea to wait for the other leaks first to see what is there first

        But I would definitely approve of an article by you calling MSM out. After all, you’re the cure Billy.


      • GuitarAnthony

        Nor did they saying anything about the sexual predator working under the shroud of CON.

  • Nanya

    I’ll say this, while I don’t like what Ralph became and some of his buds are pretty extreme as well, he was useful for keeping track of what was going on in the Early days of #GamerGate

    • Depends on what you see as “extreme” though.

      The label of an “extremist” is too easily thrown around as a way of immediately discrediting someone you don’t agree with. The GG Moderates and Ethics-Only groups has a habit of doing this to people who do not adhere to their rules of how GG should be done.

      Some people see sticking to the original core principles of GG as “extreme”, some do not. I personally do not think it’s “extreme” to stick to the core principles.

      Whilst I’m definitely not an extremist, I would question the GG supporters who want to be nice to, reason with and accept SJW ideals as well being hell-bent on avoiding the issue of SJWs and feminists outside of video games.

  • Celerity

    You know, I get why a lot of people are triggered by Ralph since he picks a fight with most of them. I find it funny though Cucktaku in Action demands archives the same as they do for anti GamerGate outlets given how incredibly behind the curve they always are. If you check them at any time they are either entirely unaware of current events or are treating stuff from several days or a week ago as new news. For example, being surprised that John Bain (TotalBiscuit) adopted the anti GG view of defending Zoe Quinn against his own employer at the risk of his job (then dismissing my report entirely because I aqccidently linked one troll post about it instead of the hundreds of real ones). Or treating the Randy tantrum about Battleborn not selling because #GamerGate as new, meanwhile we already memed the shit out of him then moved on.

    If you don’t like him that’s between you and him but shutting out a source of useful info because you don’t like the evocative manner in which it is presented just keeps you in the dark and doesn’t really hurt him. I’d go as far as saying getting fixated on emotions like that is a classic SJW move.

    As is, he got caught on emotions himself (getting drunk, acting a fool, then assaulting an officer certainly qualifies) and the legal system will handle that (there’s a minimum sentence, and the way it’s worded makes it sound like a guilty verdict gets him a worse sentence but he will have some jail time and fines regardless). If you don’t like him because of his attitude, some quality time with Bubba might change it. Just saying.

    • Tamago1

      Evocative? Hit pieces, spreading bullshit and harassing the boyfriend of a girl that committed suicide by sending him pics of dead girls in front of trains is not being “evocative” that’s being a piece of shit you apologist piece of shit.

      • Celerity

        This is exactly what I mean right here. First of all, I’m not defending Ralph. He can defend himself, or at least he could if he wasn’t in jail. A lot of the people talking shit now wouldn’t say the same things if he was capable of defending himself. Cowardice triggers me. So does SJW style opportunism and emotional breakdowns, like what you’re doing now.

        I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. People like Ralph are hyperbolic and evocative because it’s an easy button triggering on all SJWs and an SJW detector. The smart people don’t get triggered by shitposting even if it’s making fun of a suicide victim because this is the internet and barring it crossing the line via doxing you shouldn’t take anything here seriously. Another thing is we don’t blindly support someone just because they’re on the same side. That’s why both Lily Feng and Ralph are getting mocked. It’s also why you’re hair triggered by me “defending” Ralph..

        • Elilla Shadowheart

          “So does SJW style opportunism ….”

          And there ya are…defending ralph for as evocative for being an opportunist.

          • Celerity

            Oh, and what oppurnity is he exploiting? If people didn’t like his articles they wouldn’t click them and that would be that. Getting himself arrested is hardly an opportunity. The only oppornism I see is from people who got BTFO by him making bail and then tweeting out his steak.

            Most importantly if you don’t like Ralph and continue attacking him after he’s free I actually have no problem with that. Like I said, he can defend himself.

    • duder

      usefull? toxic ramblings are not usefull.

      • Celerity

        Toxic is SJW language and really just means “thing I don’t like”.

    • GuitarAnthony

      KIA is the twin sister of Ghazi. They try to pretend it’s not but everyone knows.

      • Isn’t it funny how KiA and the Moderates constantly say that GamerGate is leaderless and that they are open to and accept people doing GG their own way.

        Yet they’re constantly policing the hashtag, discarding and ostracising anyone who dares to do GG in a way they don’t like.

        There is a reason that lot are getting more and more known as the SJW-Lites.

        GamerGate is a movement that is supposed to be against corruption in games journalism; against censorship; pro-free speech; and anti-SJW.

        Yet some factions of GG (i.e. Moderates) seem very willing to embrace and accept SJW ideals, which completely goes against what GG stood for in the first place.

        What an absolute fucking shambles the movement has become. lol

        • GuitarAnthony

          I grew quite partial to calling them ethcucks

    • Mouth

      The same people claiming Ralph is “toxic” to GG are praising those responsible for trying to police the tag and shut it down. The “muh ethics!” gaggle of faggots.

      Ralph ain’t perfect but these people sure think they are.

  • Alistair

    Like antiGG Hasn’t got any leaders, GG hasn’t got any leaders too.

    Getting fucking shit of they bullshit there must be some-One to complain to.

    They to protect people that triggered okay im fucking triggered cause by SJWs bullshit so protect me.

  • hurin

    You can post articles from Ralphs site on KiA, but they must be archived.

    • Thanks, added an addendum to the “barred” statement, explaining that the content must be archived.

      • Mr.Towel

        By the way Billy, have you seen Randy Pitchford’s musical performance on PAX? If not, check it out.

        • Yeah I saw that embarrassment. It belongs in a cringe compilation.

  • Hawk Hopper

    Is this going to be turned into a Law and Order: SVU episode?

  • scemar

    they just keep digging their own graves, one more lie at a time

    they so overestimate their capacity to keep people fooled forever

    yeah it works for a while but we can see sooner or later they find out they’ve been lied to for so much, you never get that trust back

  • Tamago1

    If you wanted more proof of the corruption, collusion and just straight up disingenuity in journalism… Well, there it is.