Dead By Daylight Adds 1980’s DLC Clothes Pack

Starbreeze and Behavior Digital recently released a new DLC clothing pack for the fairly popular asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, Dead by Daylight. The new pack allows players to dress up the survivors in a number of different outfits based on 1980’s slasher flicks.

The clothing options come in a pack for only $2.99, but the first week of the availability of the pack has it marked down by 10% off.

The theme of the pack and why the survivors are dressed up in clothes from an 80’s suitcase is because it was left there after a coach crash during 1984.

Nea gains access to two new tank-tops and three new pants. Jake has access to two new pants and a new hoody. Meg gets two new sweat jackets and two new sweat pants, Claudette and Dwight also have access to two new tops and two new pants.

The DLC is slightly disappointing insofar that I was expecting something more horror-themed. The nods are almost barely existent to most recognizable horror films, and if you were expecting a new stage, location, weapons or anything else that would lure you in if you were a fan of slasher films, you’re likely going to be sorely disappointed with the 80’s Suitcase DLC.

I wasn’t the only one taken aback by the limited appeal of the pack. Some Steam users also pointed out the lack of a thematic punch from the DLC, with Cloud Strife writing…

“Well it says 80s pack but to be honest it lacks an 80s feel. It is cheap so not like i lost a house buying it but was hoping to look a little bit more stylish in game. Most of the cloths design are the exact same just a different reskin which is very lazy work. Its a 50/50 buy to be honest”

He’s not lying. The clothes pack is basically a reskin of the clothes already available in the game.

You can pick up a digital copy of the pack from over on the Steam store.


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